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Joint Replacement Care at Home

Henry Ford at Home’s Joint Replacement Care program is designed to help patients safely recover and rehabilitate in the home following total hip or knee replacement surgery. Henry Ford at Home works closely with hospital case managers and physicians to arrange home health care services that will be needed following discharge from the hospital, including home health nursing and physical therapy provided by Henry Ford Home Health Care. If ordered by the physician, Henry Ford Home Health Care may also provide occupational therapy, home health aide services, medical social work or nutrition consultation. Private duty services may be arranged through Henry Ford Extended Care.

What to Expect

Nursing Care

The Henry Ford at Home team closely follows the physician’s post-operative protocol. Following joint replacement surgery, a Henry Ford Home Health Care nurse will make two visits to the patient’s home – one visit the day after the patient leaves the hospital and a second visit within 10-14 days after surgery to remove staples. The RN will also:

  • Provide skilled nursing care including wound care and medication management
  • Teach the patient and family how to manage the patient’s care
  • Monitor the patient’s progress under the direction of the physician
  • Coordinate the services of other Home Health Care staff.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical therapy services provided in the home vary according to the physician’s specific protocol. Typically, patients who have had a total hip replacement (THR) will be visited by a physical therapist within 48 hours of hospital discharge. Visits will continue for 2-3 weeks then progress to outpatient physical therapy. If physical therapy is ordered by the physician following a total knee replacement (TKR), the therapist will arrive at the patient’s home the day following discharge from the hospital. 

The PT will:

  • Teach exercises that will help improve mobility, balance and strength
  • Provide a home safety assessment that evaluates mobility within the home environment and minimize the risk of falls.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

An occupational therapist may also be ordered to provide home therapy following hip or knee surgery. The OT’s initial visit is made within 48 hours of discharge from the hospital.

The OT will:

  • Assess safety and equipment needs in the home
  • Assess and address activities of daily living needs (bathing, dressing, maneuvering in the kitchen and bathroom)
  • Teach joint protection/energy conservation techniques.

A referral for Joint Replacement Care at Home may be made at the same time that surgery is scheduled. Please indicate to your physician if you would like to receive Henry Ford at Home services following surgery.


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