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Center for Cancer Surgery App

The Center for Cancer Surgery (CCS) smart phone app provides patients with access to the nation's most innovative technology, surgical techniques, and caring professionals, with detailed information about treatment options by cancer type, click to call 24 hours a day, GPS directions, appointment scheduling, cancer based clinical trial search, and a comprehensive video library. The CCS smart phone app also features MyChart, a secure portal that allows patients to consult their doctor via secure messaging or participate in an eVisit, easily view your lab or test results, and renew your prescriptions.

If you have (or are suspected of having) cancer, your choice of a surgical oncologist is among the most important decisions you’ll make. Not only are you entrusting your cancer surgeon to perform a vitally important operation but he or she also is responsible for determining your multidisciplinary care with your medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. Your surgical oncologist will remain a key member of your team throughout the course of treatment. For all these reasons you want and need a cancer surgeon who is highly skilled and experienced, and we encourage you to use this app to learn more, and contact us to speak with one of our specialists.

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