Have You Gotten Your Annual Wellness Visit?

man talking with doctor at wellness visitYour primary care physician wants to take care of your total health. This happens when you get your yearly physical exam and your annual wellness visit.

The annual wellness visit is actually a conversation appointment with your provider. It is a time to discuss many parts of your total well-being. Because you are aligned to the Henry Ford Accountable Care Organization (HFACO) through your provider, you will receive a $25 Coordinated Care Reward check from Medicare for having your annual wellness visit!

You might be asking, “What is an annual wellness visit, and why do I need this and my yearly physical exam?”

Your yearly physical is a very hands-on exam by your provider to examine your current physical health. You will likely have blood drawn for analysis or perhaps your blood pressure taken. Your provider will listen to your lungs, check for abdominal discomfort, feel for your lymph nodes in your neck, etc.

At your annual wellness your provider will:

  • Update a list of all of your current providers and any types of medical equipment you currently use and the medications you are taking
  • Go over a health screening schedule for you and explain why these tests are important for you
  • Review your current health conditions – both physical and mental/emotional – and talk to you about your current treatments and evaluate if they are effective
  • Take your height, weight, blood pressure and body mass index numbers
  • Screen for cognitive impairment – this means evaluating whether you are having trouble thinking, remembering and figuring out simple, logistical issues
  • Review risk factors for depression
  • Evaluate any physical limitation you have recently developed
  • Suggest adjustments to your home (the installation of assistance rails in the bathroom and shower area, etc.)
  • Determine if you have any hearing impairments
  • Make recommendations to help you lose weight, quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, etc.
  • Evaluate your fall risk and make recommendations on how to “fall-proof” your home

As you can see, the annual wellness visit allows you and your doctor to have discussions about your health and your path to greater wellness. Be sure to schedule your annual wellness visit now so that you can qualify for the $25 Coordinated Care Reward check. Please note, that it can take Medicare 3-6 months to issue your $25 check.

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