woman hugging a man

How To Share (Or Not Share) A Cancer Diagnosis

: Part of coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis is deciding who to tell and how much to share. A psychologist shares advice for having those conversat...

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Everything You Need To Know About Prostate Cancer

: Aside from skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men. An expert answers important prostate cancer FAQs, including treatmen...

man breaking cigarette

Up in Smoke: The Truth About Cigarette Alternatives

: It’s no secret smoking is bad for your health. It increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer (lung and otherwise) — and it's th...

man hugging woman with head scarf

Pancreatic Cancer 101

: Surgical oncologist and pancreatic cancer specialist Dr. David Kwon explains the basics about this rare but notoriously tough to beat type of cancer. ...

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Getting An Annual Skin Cancer Screening Can Be Life Saving

: One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Learn how to protect yourself and why an annual skin cancer screening is so vital.

woman comforting another woman

Overcoming The Anxiety As A Cancer Survivor

: The anxiety surrounding cancer doesn't always end when the treatment is over. How to deal with the stress and fear that can linger for a cancer surviv...

older man wearing mask

Can Fully Vaccinated People With Weakened Immune Systems Stop Wearing Masks?

: Those with weakened immune systems might not get as much protection from the COVID-19 vaccines as those with stronger immune systems, so it's importan...

older woman cuddling child

Overcoming The Stigma Of Lung Cancer

: Lung cancer patients don’t always get the same support and sympathy shown to other cancer patients — but they still face similar struggles...

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Breast Reconstruction FAQs

: There are some topics that many women expect to discuss with their doctor at some point in their lives, but, for most, breast reconstruction surgery i...

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