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  • Culture of Caring 

    We are known throughout Michigan, as well as throughout the region, as a leader in nursing culture.

    Our nursing team fosters a culture of mutual respect and partnership with our physicians and the rest of each patient’s care team. We value the contributions, collaboration and input of our nurses throughout our organization. Connecting with patients and their families is something that has long been a primary objective and practice of all HFHS nurses.

    In recognition of our dedication to nursing, Henry Ford Hospital and Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital have been designated as Magnet® facilities and our other hospitals are on the Journey to Magnet Excellence®, recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. 

  • Professional growth and development  

    Our Professional Nurse Advancement Program (PNAP) will help you achieve your professional goals as a member of our nursing team for specialties other than ambulatory nursing. The PNAP serves as your ladder for growth as a nurse throughout your career.

    We also encourage our nurses to take part in our shared governance structure. Each unit within our hospitals has a governance committee whose members are elected by their peers. These committees help set unit norms and practices to help drive their areas of specialty.

  • Nursing education 

    Our nurses thrive in Henry Ford’s continuous learning environment. We emphasize continuing education beyond what you need to keep your certification. You’ll be able to choose from our flexible schedule of on-site classes, workshops and conferences that cover such topics as:

    • Critical care
    • Nursing leadership
    • Preceptor development

    In addition, we help develop the next generation of nurses through our nurse extern program, where nursing students can work in the hospital environment during school or over summer break to help gain experience. We also help new nurses transition into clinical practice with our nurse residency program, which allows nursing graduates to develop key skills.

  • Research and Evidence-based Practice 

    Evidence-based practice is the best that nursing can give to its patients and families, and to society at large. The search for such knowledge continues with nurses. As a staff nurse, working around the clock and the calendar, there is no one in a better position to evaluate patient care and outcomes, and to ask the questions that need to be asked to improve patient care and outcomes.

    Both Henry Ford Hospital and Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital have their own Nursing Research Councils to help the nurses through the research process. The councils help identify other co-workers who have an interest in similar topics or issues.

    Another resource is the Nursing Research Partnership between Henry Ford and Wayne State University College of Nursing. Identified faculty members from the College of Nursing are available as consultants to the nursing staff to assist in the development and refinement of research questions and nursing research project.

    By asking your questions and seeking the answers using the nursing research process, you can add to the body of scientific nursing knowledge and improve nursing practice and patient care.


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