A Message From The Chair

John Deledda MDI would like to start by welcoming all of our alumni, former faculty and staff, and current members of the Henry Ford Department of Emergency Medicine to the Henry Ford Medical Group’s Department of Emergency Medicine web portal. We are excited to routinely update relevant information on the clinical, educational, and research missions of the department and allow you access to it through this web portal. Our goal is to inform you of new developments, include you in celebrating our accolades, and encourage your continued engagement with our departmental missions and events.

In 2017, our practice sites eclipsed the record patient volumes seen the year prior. The Henry Ford Hospital Emergency Department eclipsed 102,000 visits, and in total, our five departmental practices were responsible for over 250,000 ED visits. Despite the plateauing of the regional growth trend, Henry Ford Emergency Departments continue to gain market share in very competitive local areas, while the acuity of illness we are seeing continues to increase. To be very clear, it is our faculty, senior staff, residents, fellows, advanced practice providers, nurses, and affiliated staff who are making it possible for the communities we serve to receive high quality, safe, and patient centered emergency care despite an ever more challenging clinical environment.

Our academic missions are healthy and continue to grow. The residency programs and fellowships continue to have strong matches, attracting the best and brightest medical school and residency graduates to Henry Ford Hospital. The faculty, residents, fellows, and bioscientific staff continue to impressively represent the department with multiple peer reviewed publications, podium presentations at regional and national conferences, teaching sessions, and FOAMed contributions. We have fantastic academic activity in Critical Care, Public Health and Social Determinants, Education, Behavioral Medicine, Ultrasound, Neuroscience, EMS, Toxicology, and Cardiovascular Emergencies. Additionally, allow me to recognize the continuing academic impact our alumni make both nationally and internationally that both represents our department so well and influences the practice and science of Emergency Medicine. As a department, we will continue to provide an Emergency Medicine education that is renowned both for the clinical experience and a broad academic exposure. Our intent is nothing less than to train and develop clinical and academic leaders.

Many of our sustained academic programs and newer wellness projects are dependent on workplace and alumni philanthropy giving. We are extremely grateful for your past generosity in financially giving back to our department. As you recall, In October 2017, we launched the Michael C. Tomlanovich Chair Endowment Fund in an effort to focus our philanthropy and development efforts on our education and research missions with an ultimate goal of raising $1.5 million. This will result in sustainable funding for our residencies, fellowships, junior faculty investigators, and wellness projects that are crucial to maintaining the work and life balance true to “salud, dinero, amor, y tiempo para gustarlos.” Very much looking forward to seeing you all again at SAEM in Indianapolis!

Respectfully and sincerely,