Donor Hall of Fame

Donor Honor Roll

We are extremely grateful to our staff and alumni who have generously supported the ongoing needs of the Emergency Department and made a gift to support the Michael C. Tomlanovich, M.D. Endowed Fund. We graciously acknowledge your support. This list represents alumni who made a contribution in 2017. If we missed your name on the honor roll, we are sorry. Please let us know so we can correct our mistake.

  • Tony Kanluen MD
  • Daniel C. Morris MD
  • Phyllis A. Vallee MD
  • Gerard B. Martin MD
  • Giuseppe Perrotta MD
  • Sudhir Baliga MD
  • Joseph B. Miller MD
  • Laurie B. Rolland MD
  • Lydia L. Baltarowich MD
  • Bradley M. Jaskulka MD
  • Taher Vohra MD
  • Bert Silich MD
  • Christopher A. Lewandowski MD
  • Julian P. Suszanski MD
  • John M. Deledda MD
  • Richard M. Nowak MD
  • Justin Bright MD
  • Jason Folt MD
  • Angela Pugliese MD
  • Richard Cieslak MD
  • David Amponsah MD
  • Peter Vajda MD
  • Caroline Ashley Dowers MD
  • Howard Klausner MD
  • Jennifer Peltzer-Jones PsyD
  • Mark P. Hoornstra MD
  • Michael Jay Yates MD
  • Chad M. Cannon MD
  • Robert B. Dunne MD
  • Mark A. Drier MD
  • Gregory G. Simsarian MD
  • Kimberly Raney Ciofani MD

The HFH ER Residency has graduated over 500 residents since it was established in 1976. Think of how much your training at Henry Ford has influenced your life, and the impact it had on your career. Most of our alumni know or trained under Dr. Michael C. Tomlanovich MD, the founder and patriarch of our department. Our ultimate goal is to establish the Michael C. Tomlanovich Chair in Emergency Medicine. This would be an incredible tribute to someone who has had such a lasting impression in our field, on each of us as physicians. Please consider make a donation of a “shift” to help get us closer to our goal.