As many of you remember, there are two seasons in Michigan, winter and road construction! For our education group, the year is divided up into interview season and “the rest of the year”. As spring starts to make its appearance, we have just matched another class of residents and started “the rest of year”. It is an exciting time of transitions with our seniors ready to graduate and move on to the next stage of their careers and our new interns starting in July and building upon your legacy.

As we leave interview season, I would like to reflect on the great amount of work done by our residents and faculty. We had over 1100 applications and reviewed them all. Over 600 were reviewed in extreme detail and considered for interviews. We had a total of 19 interview days with 160 EM interviews and 26 EM/IM interviews. The residents entertained the students for pre-interview dinners and interview day lunches. Over half the faculty participated in interviewing and selecting students. And of course, none of it would be possible without the efforts of Jennifer Owens and Tina Gaines. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone for helping.

Also, our senior residents are excited for and preparing for graduation and the next stage of their careers. As always, the alumni were incredibly helpful in helping them find fellowship and staff positions. The continued connection you all have to this program and one its core strengths and I thank you for it. In the next few months, we look forward to reaching out to you with multiple initiatives to strengthen those connections even more. Thank you for your continued commitment in making this one of the premier Emergency Medicine residency programs in the country.

Incoming Interns 2018

Henry Ford Hospital - Emergency Medicine

  • Maher Abdo, MD – University of Toledo
  • Roy Akarakian, MD – Wayne State University
  • Ahsan Akram, MD – Oakland University
  • Amanda Baker, MD – Central Michigan University
  • Megan Cook, MD – Ohio State University
  • Jad Dandashi, MD – Texas A&M University
  • Dmitry Davydov, MD – Wayne State University
  • Jessalyn Fontana, DO – Kirksville College
  • Alexander Friske, MD – Wayne State University
  • Ismail Gregory, MD – Wayne State University
  • Youssef Hedroug, MD – Rush Medical School
  • Mary Koch, MD – Oakland University
  • Andrew Krause, MD – Central Michigan University
  • Sami Shayya, MD – American University of Beirut
  • Brandon Toth, MD – Wayne State University

Henry Ford Hospital - Emergnecy Medicine and Internal Medicine

  • Nicholas Konowitz, MD – Chicago Medical School
  • Elizabeth Kunjummen, DO – Des Moines University

Graduating Residents 2018

  • Samantha Noll, MD (EM/IM) – Disaster and Operational Medicine Fellowship at George Washington University
  • Cynthia Chen, MD – Palliative Fellowship at the University of Michigan
  • Randi Connor-Schuler, MD – Ultrasound Fellowship at HENRY FORD
  • Stefan Craciun, MD – Staff position with Adventist Medical Center in Portland, Oregon
  • Diana Dean, MD – Toxicology Fellowship at Michigan Poison Control Center
  • Anee Khan, MD – Ultrasound Fellowship at the University of Michigan
  • Alexander Lee, MD – Ultrasound Fellowship at University of Southern California
  • Patrick Lam, MD – Staff position in Whanganui, New Zealand
  • Huzefa Mogri, MD – Locum Tenes position in Texas
  • Aileen Newmyer, MD – Staff position at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Toledo, OH
  • Nicholas Robell, MD – Staff position at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
  • Mansoor Siddiqui, MD – Education Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson
  • Victoria Stahl, MD – Staff position at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, MI
  • Andrew Swartz, MD – Sports Medicine Fellowship at Henry Ford
  • Aaron Tabor, MD – Locum Tenes position in Texas