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Extended Recovery Program

Long-term treatment for adults with substance use disorder

For patients who have recently completed detoxification and stabilization, our Extended Recovery Program at Henry Ford Maplegrove Center offers an advanced, individualized approach to addiction care, combining effective therapies with personalized treatment. 

Patients receive this intensive level of treatment while staying in a private room in our newly renovated residential (overnight) facility for 30 to 60 days. This highly structured program builds upon the basic therapeutic tools learned in early recovery or short-term residential care, helping patients achieve the greatest chance for recovery. 

Why extended treatment is important

For some people, successful addiction treatment requires longer time in a structured, supportive program. This provides the additional time needed to fully understand your disease and how to manage it. Studies show that more time spent in a controlled program improves your chances for long-term success.

During the first two weeks of recovery, patients stop using drugs and alcohol and are able to physically stabilize. They begin to feel better mentally and physically. During this early phase, patients are introduced to basic recovery tools and life skills. Our long-term treatment program picks up where early recovery ends, offering a more intensive program that goes more in-depth, teaching you the valuable skills needed for lifelong success. 

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Benefits of an extended recovery program

The main benefit of long-term treatment is that you will have time to do the work that is needed for a successful recovery. During treatment you can expect:  

  • Time to work on underlying issues related to your disease  
  • Address trauma in a safe and supportive environment
  • Effectively assess and treat other mental disorders if needed
  • Additional development of coping strategies
  • Balance your brain and body chemistry to reduce cravings
  • Restore relationships with family and friends
  • Develop connections in the recovery community
The New Maplegrove
Henry Ford Maplegrove Center is located in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Nestled in a peaceful, wooded setting, our newly renovated facility offers warm, welcoming spaces, and a safe and stable environment to initiate recovery. 

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