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Pancreatic cancer is a tough disease to fight and oftentimes patients are diagnosed in late stages of the disease – making successful treatment more difficult to accomplish. We fight pancreatic cancer as a team, giving you the best hope for recovery.

Our pancreatic surgery team are pioneers in surgical techniques and we were the first in Michigan to use NanoKnife, a pioneering technology used to destroy inoperable pancreatic tumors.

Cancer Patient Sheila Kasselman

Sheila's Story

Surviving a cancer diagnosis is cause for celebration. Sheila Kasselman, a pancreatic cancer survivor, took celebrating survivorship to another level by destroying 3D-printed replicas of her tumor.

Cancer Patient Nicole Tringer

Nicole's Story

When diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Nicole Tringer explored all her options when it came to cancer care and treatment. She put her trust in the team at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute and she is now a three year survivor, celebrating survivorship by "crushing cancer."

Cancer Patient Scott Hirshey

Scott's Story

For patients like Scott Hirshey, who have already undergone radiation, their options may dwindle when the cancer returns. After his pancreatic cancer came back, Scott put his trust in our team and the innovative treatment solution that made its North American debut at Henry Ford Hospital - the Edge® radiosurgery system.

Cancer Patient Five Year Survivors

Five-Year Survivors

Five metro Detroiters have defied the odds: They are 5-year and 10-year survivors of pancreatic cancer. Survival has given each of them an inspiring new outlook on life.