WB Service Form

As a part of our bi-annual web audit, you are receiving this email because you are the designated content reviewer for a page on HenryFord.com that has not been edited in six months.

What is a content reviewer?

A content reviewer is someone who is responsible for reviewing web site content on a regular basis and proactively updating information as changes occur. Content includes website informational pages, calendar entries, faculty/staff profiles, news, announcements, photos, forms and phone numbers.

What you should do?

When you receive the email(s), please review your assigned pages at your earliest convenience (within 2-4 weeks is ideal). We recommend you do the following:

  • Read the copy from top to bottom and proof for any errors.
  • Take note of any information on the page which may mention a date (an award given, an event, etc.) that is no longer relevant.
  • Click on all links on the page and ensure that they lead to where they say will and that no “broken” link errors occur.
  • Read/review all calls to action on the page and if they have links verify those links are working. If a specific phone number (other than the main 1-800-HENRYFORD) is listed, call the number and make sure someone answers it and that it’s the appropriate line for taking the action.
  • Review any videos or imagery on the page to ensure it is still appropriate. For example, does it feature a photo of a doctor who has left the system (if you happen to have this knowledge)? Is the photo obviously outdated?

Once you have reviewed the page there are two options for your next step:

  1. If you notice that copy needs to be updated, links are broken, call to actions are incorrect or any other items that need to be changed you will submit a Web Request Form and ask that the updates be made.
  2. If the page looks fine and has no needed updates, you don’t need to take any action.

Page Headline: {item:Headline}

Page Link: {Url}

If you have received this email in error and are not the content reviewer please complete the Web Request Form and include the URL of the page (i.e. henryford.com/services/surgery) to no longer receive these requests.

For more information on content aging, review our content aging frequently asked questions.

Thank you for making www.henryford.com useful and up-to-date for our patients and other visitors to our site.

– The Web Services Team