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Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Reflecting on 2017, one word stands out: partnerships.
Partnerships with donors. Partnerships with sports teams. Partnerships with health systems.

These partnerships have been made within our own organization, our local communities, the state of Michigan, and on the national and global stages. And, all were built with our patients and members front and center in our thinking and efforts.

Highlighted in this report, (title to be determined), are Henry Ford Health System’s top accomplishments in 2017. These achievements have created a strong foundation for the work that lies ahead and have positioned us well for 2018 – and beyond.

As the healthcare landscape continues to change significantly and at a very rapid pace, we know that disruption is just beginning. Henry Ford Health System is prepared to lead the way in discovering sustainable innovations and solutions on our way to True North: “We will be the trusted partner in health, leading the nation in superior care and value.”

We are excited to highlight the efforts of the many teams, departments and individuals at Henry Ford working toward True North and, through this report, we’ve captured a unique picture of the health system’s 102nd year.

We also encourage you to view this well-done video that showcases the clinical excellence and compassionate caregivers of Henry Ford Health System, who made headlines at the national level and in our local market.


Sandra E. Pierce
Chair, Board of Trustees
Henry Ford Health System.

Wright L. Lassiter III
President & Chief Executive Officer
Henry Ford Health System.

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2017 System Annual Report

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