Current Davidson Fellows

Shamole Ahmed, MPH, LSSBB

Shamole Ahmed is a dedicated healthcare professional with a diverse background and passion for driving innovation and improving patient outcomes. She has a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) degree in Health Policy and Management and Behavioral Sciences from Boston University School of Public Health, a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Over the course of her 14-year career in healthcare, she has had the privilege of working in various roles and organizations, gaining expertise in hospital operations, clinic management, business development, digital health, and program and project management. Her experience has allowed her to develop a well-rounded skill set and a deep understanding of the complexities of the healthcare industry. She joined Henry Ford Health for the innovative culture and supportive community to build and grow their leaders.

Her ultimate passion lies in healthcare operations and innovation. She is dedicated to leveraging her skills and challenging herself to create meaningful and sustainable improvements in healthcare delivery that help drive positive patient outcomes and reduce provider burnout. She firmly believes that by embracing technology, data-driven insights and collaborative approaches, we can revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, ultimately improving the lives of patients and communities. Shamole is excited about this opportunity to contribute to healthcare innovation and make a lasting impact.

Outside of work, Shamole enjoys spending time with her kids, family and friends, cooking, baking, traveling and watching movies.

David Althoen

David is a senior finance leader, currently working as a consultant at the Henry Ford Innovations Institute.  Prior to joining Henry Ford, he spent a decade serving as the VP of Finance at Forest Health Medical Center, a small specialty hospital in Ypsilanti.  David also has extensive experience in marketing and data analytics. 

Education-wise, David earned a PhD in History and an MBA from the University of Michigan, a Masters from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

His favorite moment this year was completing the Spartan Trifecta with his two sons.  An interesting fact from his mis-spent youth: David spent a summer working for a group of gypsy chimney sweeps in the south of France. 

Kathryn Bandfield

Kathryn Bandfield has been a Certified Recreational Therapist for over four years working in inpatient psychiatric mental health facilities. She works on six different acuity-level units throughout the hospital, providing mental health Dialectical Behavioral Therapy groups. Throughout her role at Henry Ford Kingswood she has implemented a Horticulture Committee, and garden beds for patients. In addition, Kathryn leads the Employee Engagement Committee to engage and support staff members. Her diverse approach is a priority as a therapist to build rapport and provide superior mental health services to all individuals. She received her Bachelors in Science at Central Michigan University and continued her education at Ohio University, recently graduating with a Masters in Business focused in Healthcare. Technology and healthcare have a unique and undeniable relationship that can be innovated to service patients, staff, payers, and the Henry Ford Health System as a whole. The passion to continually improve and revolutionize healthcare practices drives her motivation. Kathryn looks forward to learning, creating, and thinking outside the box to advance mental healthcare services.  

Danielle Bastien

Danielle graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In 2018, She completed the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) with a specialty as Family Nurse Practitioner. Her doctoral research was focused on creating and implementing a policy and procedure on identifying, assessing, and treating victims of human trafficking in the emergency department. This screening tool is now available on every epic platform in North America. Danielle has won numerous awards for her work in human trafficking and most recently was featured in New York Magazines “the Cut”.

She currently serves as the System Director of Advanced Practice Provider Education at Henry Ford Health System. She also works as an NP in both oncology and as a medical examiner. She also serves as the vice chair of the Advanced Practice Provider Council.

Shaylyn Brady

Currently, I am a senior digital marketing specialist at HAP Michigan, working in social and paid media for nine years. I started my career on the social media team at Henry Ford Health after graduating from Grand Valley State University and was a board member for Health. In 2021 I transitioned to the HAP digital marketing team where I manage and oversee the paid and social media strategy for the HAP brand channels. As the social media channel owner, I work with the web and outbound strategy mangers to coordinate omni-channel digital tactics to drive awareness and conversions, especially for key Medicare Advantage campaigns. I also collaborate with our advertising agencies to develop, monitor, and optimize campaigns with both traditional and digital paid media components.

In the healthcare landscape it is increasingly becoming more difficult to keep up and stand out compared to national brands. Competitors are focusing on digital tactics with larger budgets, so now more than ever it is imperative to create innovative ways for us to connect with patients, members and the community we’re trying to reach. As a Davidson fellow, I am eager to think critically and creatively on how to achieve this.  

James Chirackal

James Chirackal, an Anesthesiology Resident, is on a mission to revolutionize patient safety through the fusion of biotechnology and innovation. He aspires to contribute by integrating advanced biotech solutions. He champions interdisciplinary collaboration, recognizing its pivotal role in achieving substantial progress in patient safety.

In addition to his commitment to patient safety, Dr. Chirackal places significant importance on physician wellness, acknowledging the prevalence of burnout in the medical field. By fostering a holistic approach, he seeks to create an environment that not only enhances patient care but also supports the mental and emotional health of healthcare professionals.

Dr. Chirackal's forward-thinking approach involves leveraging emerging technologies for more intelligent and secure anesthesia practices. His goal is to redefine anesthesiology standards through innovation, leaving an enduring mark on the field and contributing to a healthcare landscape that adapts to the ever-changing needs of patients.

Paige Coyne

Paige Coyne, PhD, is an epidemiologist in the Department of Public Health Sciences and the Patient-Engaged Research Center (PERC). Dr. Coyne is a collaborative researcher who utilizes her multidisciplinary background and expertise in mixed-methods and qualitative methodologies to support research projects and other initiatives across the health system. Paige takes pride in leveraging participant-driven methodologies and ensuring that stakeholder voices, especially those of participants and patients, are heard and incorporated into research.

Prior to joining Henry Ford Health, Paige completed her doctoral studies at the University of Windsor, in the Department of Kinesiology, where much of her research focused on leveraging wearable technologies to track and observe health behaviors.

In her free time, Dr. Coyne enjoys being active and spending quality time with her family.  

Tarah Deagle

Currently, I am a senior digital marketing specialist at HAP Michigan, working in social and paid media for nine years. I started my career on the social media team at Henry Ford Health after graduating from Grand Valley State University and was a board member for Health. In 2021 I transitioned to the HAP digital marketing team where I manage and oversee the paid and social media strategy for the HAP brand channels. As the social media channel owner, I work with the web and outbound strategy mangers to coordinate omni-channel digital tactics to drive awareness and conversions, especially for key Medicare Advantage campaigns. I also collaborate with our advertising agencies to develop, monitor, and optimize campaigns with both traditional and digital paid media components.

In the healthcare landscape it is increasingly becoming more difficult to keep up and stand out compared to national brands. Competitors are focusing on digital tactics with larger budgets, so now more than ever it is imperative to create innovative ways for us to connect with patients, members and the community we’re trying to reach. As a Davidson fellow, I am eager to think critically and creatively on how to achieve this.

Kayla Ellis

I am a Registered Nurse, currently employed at Henry Ford Health as a Nurse Administrative Manager, where I oversee the Comprehensive Care Centers (CCC) and the Geriatrics team. The CCC team provides value-based primary care to patients within Henry Ford who have complex chronic conditions, and high hospital utilization. Our goal is to decrease hospital and ED utilization, while improving the overall health of our patients. The Geriatrics team provides care to patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living centers in the tri-county area. The programs are key for connecting patients to Henry Ford and community resources and improving outcomes by utilizing a more connected and value-based care model.

Prior to my current role, I worked at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, providing direct patient care in a multitude of roles, ranging from Nursing Assistant, to Registered Nurse, and then an Assistant Clinical Manager, providing leadership to the clinical team on a family practice unit. My experience in many different roles has allowed me to see the challenges that each care team member faces on a day to day basis, and has ignited my passion for improving patient care through innovation and entrepreneurship.

My areas of interest in my career include empowering and developing team members and colleagues, giving them a platform to share ideas and challenge the “norm.” I have a passion for improving patient outcomes through a h2 and successful value-based care model, where the patient is always put first. Throughout my time in healthcare, I have seen the inequities and challenges that our patients face, and this has strengthened my desire to develop programs to educate and uplift our patients and community members to be more active participants in their healthcare. Outside of work, I enjoy taking walks in nature with my Rottweiler pup and snuggling up with a good book and my two kitties.


Raid Faddah

Bringing a wealth of experience to the healthcare system, I have cultivated a diverse career path that commenced at the Detroit Medical Center in 2014 and progressed with my role at Henry Ford Hospital in 2021. My foundation in healthcare was laid through direct patient interactions in cardiology, both within inpatient and outpatient settings. This practical experience, coupled with my background as a Medical Doctor (MD), provided a robust clinical perspective that I've carried into my research endeavors.

Currently, as the Supervisor of Clinical Research Projects and DST Lead at the CCTRO, Henry Ford Cancer Institute, I oversee critical clinical research projects, with a particular focus on enhancing patient safety and the overall patient experience. My recent academic achievement, a Master's in Healthcare Administration from Michigan State University, complements my MD and clinical expertise, enriching my leadership and administrative capabilities in the healthcare sector.

My career is marked by a steadfast dedication to incorporating technology to improve patient services, notably through system improvements like MyChart and EPIC. These enhancements are part of our commitment to institutional growth, safety in care transitions, and medication access.

With a solid clinical foundation as an MD and a strategic vision shaped by my master's education, I am constantly exploring innovative opportunities to raise the bar for patient care, striving to set our services apart in the dynamic healthcare marketplace.

Joseph Figueras

Joe is a supply chain manager within Henry Ford Health's corporate offices. Joe has spent the last year two years within Henry Ford Health’s Logistics and Distribution department. During his time with the System, he has built out the supply chain management’s upcoming consolidated service center. The project is comprised of both supply chain and pharmacy distribution for the entire health system, utilizing new technologies including automation and supply consolidation efforts. With 15 years of logistics, distribution, warehousing, and materials management experience, Joe has developed a passion for continuous improvement and excellence in customer care. Joe enjoys applying his analytical skills and distribution knowledge, combining them with advancements in technology, creating efficiencies to lower cost, improve service levels, and enhance overall customer and end user experience.

Jennifer Frey

Jenny is a Genetic Counselor by training who was recently hired back to Henry Ford Health as the Manager of the Precision Medicine program. She first worked as a Laboratory Technician for a hereditary genetic testing laboratory before attending Case Western Reserve University’s master’s program in Genetic Counseling. After graduating, she worked as a Clinical Genetic Counselor for Henry Ford Health for five years, seeing patients in the Cancer and Reproductive Genetics Clinics. More recently, she has worked as a Genetic Analyst as part of a genetic testing utilization management team and as a Genetic Counselor for a somatic tumor genetic testing laboratory.

Jolly Jaimon

I am currently working as Sr . Application Analyst Epic RN. I joined HFH in 2018, in Helios Team for Epic Healthy Planet application. Along with Epic certifications, I hold Michigan RN license and Master’s degree in nursing with emphasis on Clinical Informatics. Before transitioning to the IT platform, I worked as Critical care nurse for over 17 years.

I am interested in Healthcare Innovation to have safe and effective care delivery and communication modalities between patient, patient families/care takers and care team members. I would like to explore digital options, cost effective and user friendly tools to communicate to the patients and to improve interoperability between multiple EMR systems.

Maria Kinsler

Maria Kinsler is Employee Health and Safety Supervisor with Henry Ford Health; she has been part of the team since 2016. Her work is focused on improving the physical work environment to improve safety for staff throughout Henry Ford Health.  She also focuses on project management, analytics, and process improvement activities for employee health staff. Prior to Henry Ford, Maria spent five years in occupational safety for a Tier 1 automobile manufacturer. She graduated with honors from Oakland University with her Bachelor’s in Science in Occupational Health and Safety. While at OU, she ran varsity track for the Golden Grizzlies from 2006- 2009.

Michael Mannina

Michael began his career as a Registered Nurse. He received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the University of Windsor. He worked at Henry Ford Health in Detroit on the Surgical Specialty Unit, the Medical Intensive Care Unit, and an Outpatient Specialty Infusion Center. During his time as a Registered Nurse, he completed his Master of Nursing in Healthcare Leadership and his Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration at Madonna University.

Michael currently serves as a Management Engineer in Performance Improvement at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. His work is focused on providing innovative solutions for patient care services and implementing initiatives that improve the hospitals length of stay. He collaborates with different clinical departments and service lines within Wyandotte Hospital to identify opportunities for growth and improvement. He works closely with the executive leadership team, quality and nursing directors to develop strategies that help the hospital to achieve high reliability in health care. He is a charismatic and detail-orientated leader, passionate about his work in healthcare where he helps to provide solutions that will improve care that is delivered to patients within the community.

His hobbies include sailing, tennis, hiking at different national parks, and exploring new restaurants within the city. Michael is looking to take this opportunity with this fellowship to expand his knowledge and expertise where he will continue to support innovative ideas in a highly complex health care environment.

Jo-Ann Rammal 

Laura Susick, Ph.D

Laura received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Wayne State University. Her doctoral work focused on the molecular mechanisms behind islet β-cell death in a model of Type I Diabetes. Then she completed a postdoctoral fellowship where she researched the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on neurodevelopment using a mouse model. Since joining PHS, Laura has managed an international breast cancer registry, investigating the biological mechanisms of racial disparities in breast cancer outcomes, and OVERCOME, an international clinical trial for treatment of gram-negative infections. Currently, Laura’s main focus is on longitudinal birth cohorts evaluating exposures during pregnancy and early childhood that may influence various outcomes including preterm birth, asthma and allergic diseases. Her research interests include developmental origins of health and disease, immune development and autoimmune disorders.

Outside of work, Laura is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys hiking, gardening and spending time with her friends, family and dog, Bailey.

Jacob Tuttle, M.S.

I have been with Henry Ford for almost 10 years and have found myself in many different roles throughout that time; first inpatient, then emergency, and now in research. In this time, I have seen the importance of innovation and collaboration to allow for effective healthcare to progress. As someone who wants to work toward becoming a physician, I want to continue to be someone who advocates for patients, and for advancements in the way that we practice medicine. Previously, I obtained my Bachelor's in Biological Sciences as well as my Master's in Basic Medical Sciences. I hope to use this education as well as my clinical experiences to be able to better serve the patients that we care for, whether it be clinical, or by developing tools to enhance the patient experience.

Sumin Thomas

Dr. Sumin Thomas is an oncology pharmacist at Henry Ford Health (HFH) with 19 years of healthcare experience as a frontline nurse and clinical pharmacist. Throughout his career, he has experienced the transformational impact of technology, innovation and collaboration in revolutionizing healthcare delivery and has led various initiatives focused on improving patient outcomes and enhancing clinician experience. As healthcare continues to evolve, he recognizes the critical role of experienced healthcare professionals in developing groundbreaking solutions to address the pressing needs of the healthcare sector.

Dr. Thomas is currently spearheading the creation of a Cancer Drug Repository Program at HFH, that aims to improve patient outcomes by increasing access to cancer treatment for underserved patients, alleviate the financial burden of treatment and reduce medication waste.

Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Thomas is a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer and is training to become an auxiliary firefighter. He also loves to travel with his family and explore new cultures. Inspired by his 4-year-old son, Dr. Thomas aspires to become a LEGO expert, a fitness enthusiast (mostly to beat his son at any sport of his choice), and to make this world a better place. 

Jessica Thomas

Jessica Thomas is a passionate, self taught IT Hardware Technician with over 10 years of experience in the field. Currently she works for Henry Ford Health as an IT Technician for both the Deskside and Cellular Support teams. In recent years Jessica has focused her skillset on Computer Networking, and finding ways to help everyday users and employees understand the technologies we use, how to use them, and how they benefit our work/personal life. In addition to this, Jessica has been able to assist in multiple large Capital Projects with the company, with most recent being the Nursing iPhone project that has been introduced to 3 of our large hospitals so far and with more locations to come. Outside of her profession, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, and traveling.

Shelby Ward

I am currently an occupational therapist at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. I have worked on the behavioral health unit at Henry Ford Wyandotte for three years. I attended Saginaw Valley State University, where I obtained a health science degree and a Master of Science in occupational therapy. I recently obtained a Master of Business Administration from Capella University. While working in behavioral health for most of my career, I have seen many challenges that can be addressed through innovative approaches. I believe that innovation in healthcare is essential to provide high quality patient care.

Alycia Williams


Nicholas Woodall

Nick Woodall is the Director of Procure to Pay at Henry Ford Health. Nick has over 8 years experience in healthcare supply chain with a focus on Procure to Pay strategies and best practices. In his current role Nick leads a team of Procurement and Accounts Payable team members with a focus to drive high levels of automation, order integrity, and customer service. His teams work to provide excellent value to the Henry Ford Health and its patients.

Nick has a Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing with a minor in Mathematics from Hillsdale College.

Kate Zenlea

Kate is the Program Director of Innovation & Industry at Henry Ford Health Innovations in Detroit, Michigan. In this capacity, Kate leverages industry collaborations to lead the development, design and implementation of innovation, clinical research, and evidence-based programs across the health system. She provides high-level strategic and operational input for healthcare innovation and growth, including the development of vetting strategies, cultivating strategic partnerships, licensing intellectual property, co-developing technologies, and program consultation. Kate has worked in Nepal, India, Thailand, Jordan, Argentina, and Colombia to promote global health equity and conduct educational training programs through global research collaborations. In this role, she identified and connected health system expertise and scalable public health interventions with global challenges in resource-limited settings. Her research is rooted in mixed-methods co-design to adapt and implement evidence-based frameworks to meet the social, cultural, and economic needs of the region. She serves as a leader in clinical trial diversity inclusion practices and ran the landmark Janssen and Moderna Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials for Henry Ford Health, performing in the top tier of enrollment and diversity participation. Kate is a formally trained quality improvement coach, bridging the gap between academic research and applied healthcare practice across multiple disciplines. She received her Master of Public Health from New York University’s College of Global Public Health, specializing in international and community health.


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