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Vita Lifestyles

Vita Lifestyles

Vita Lifestyles Bod PodProper exercise is proven to slow the effects of aging and significantly improve your health. If you are starting out with an exercise program or wanting to increase the benefits of your current program, meet with our experts who can prescribe an exercise program based on your goals, physiology and personal interests.

BOD POD Body Composition Tracking System

Learn about how you can get your lean muscle mass working for you. The BOD POD provides a fast, 99% accurate, non-invasive body composition and metabolic analysis to help you achieve your weight loss and muscle mass building goals.  This same technology is used by professional athletes.

Composition Analysis Sessions (25 minutes): One session / Set of 2 ($50 / $90)

Fitness assessment

Your fitness assessment will consist of measurement of one or more aspects of your health and fitness. The objective is to give you a baseline from which to measure your performance.

Fitness Assessment Session: 50 minutes ($70)

Exercise prescription

The exercise prescription is a customized fitness program designed to help you accomplish your health and wellness goals.

Exercise Prescription Session: 50 minutes ($70)

Personal training for peak performance

Personalized one-on-one exercise training designed for you.

Personal Training Sessions: 30 minutes / 50 minutes / Series of 6 ($30 / $55 / $295)

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