Kathleen Defroy Patient Story

Kathleen Defroy of Dearborn came across an ad for the Women’s Heart Center Lifestyle Enhancement Visit while reading the Detroit Free Press. It was from there that she decided that the two hour long appointment was something that she should consider for her health and well-being.

The visit specifically focuses on gathering as much information about the patient’s health and life to determine what aspects can be changed for a better future. Patients go through a series of tests such as the exercise stress test that monitors how that heart handles physical activity. There is also a bod-pod that gives an accurate body fat reading.

Overall, Kathleen loved her appointment. Based on the results of her stress test, it was determined that they needed to pay closer attention to her heart. Now, she wears a heart monitor. It is preventative steps like this that help to insure future health issues are avoided altogether.

Kathleen’s favorite part of the appointment was meeting with the physician’s assistant at the end to discuss the findings of the visit and her treatment options. The program that Dr. Deirdre Mattina has put together allows for this sense of personalization at all the appointments. All the Henry Ford employees that patients come across be it a nurse, dietitian, or exercise technician, are dedicated to making the experience as eye-opening and comfortable as possible.

This new center prides itself on the care and involvement of its patients and makes it possible for women to learn more about maintaining their health and get the most out of life.

As a final takeaway, Kathleen says “it’s a good thing to do.” Keeping up to date with your health and working towards a certain lifestyle is your responsibility, but Dr. Mattina’s team and other medical specialists at Henry Ford are here to provide the motivation necessary for success.

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