MRI-compatible Pacemakers

Experts at our Pacemaker Clinic provide a lifetime of ongoing follow-up care for adults with pacemakers. On your first visit, nurse practitioners with specialized training in implantable devices will ensure your device is working properly, make adjustments as needed and answer your questions.

Pacemaker care at Henry Ford

For nearly 20 years, our electrophysiologists have been delivering comprehensive care in our specialized Pacemaker Clinic.

We make it easy for you to receive follow-up care from your doctors at home. We continue to work with your doctor and alert your doctor to any special updates or adjustments that need to be made to your device. We regularly train doctors and nurses in rural areas who care for patients with pacemakers.

Using a special device and a regular phone line, you can send information from your pacemaker to our clinic for review. If we detect any problems, we contact your doctor so you can get the care you need.

Pacemakers and MRIs

A pacemaker can help control your heartbeat if your heart rhythm is too slow. Pacemakers work by monitoring your heart rate and automatically sending electrical pulses to control irregular rhythms. Based on your condition, we determine the lowest heart rate that is safe for your condition and program it into the pacemaker. When your heart rate drops below this rate, the pacemaker sends an electrical impulse increasing your heart rate back to a normal rhythm.

Unfortunately, the magnets used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans can disrupt pacemakers. Doctors rely on MRIs to check for problems with the brain, nerves and bones, as well as to detect certain types of cancer. Your chances of needing an MRI tend to go up as you age.

Your doctor may choose to fit you with an MRI-compatible pacemaker. This means your pacemaker will continue to operate as it should when you undergo an MRI.

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