Venography is a study of veins in the body. Contrast medium (x-ray dye) is injected into the veins. This helps the blood vessels show clearly on x-ray pictures. X-rays of the veins are then taken.


  • An intravenous (IV) line is put into a vein in the prepared area.
  • Contrast medium is injected through the IV into the vein.
  • You will be asked to keep still while x-rays are taken. The technologist will tell you when you can move.
  • The IV will be removed and the insertion site will be bandaged.
  • This exam takes about one hour.


  • Patients 60 years or older and patients with a history of renal disease require additional blood work including BUN and Creatinine within one week of procedure.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment with a prescription from your doctor.
  • Bring a list of your current medications.
  • Patients with diabetes, who are currently taking Glucophage or Metformin, are strongly advised to stop taking these medications for 48 hours following procedures where contrast agents are administered. Patients taking any form of Glucophage or Metformin need to contact their doctor before resuming their medication as BUN and Creatinine levels may be abnormal.
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