24/7 On-Call Telephonic Injury Triage and Support Service

This service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We began offering this service to support our customer's decision making around all types of drug and alcohol testing needs, including post-motor vehicle accident testing. We always knew the most important question in these situations was, "Is anyone in need of medical attention."

We were working as aids to our customers' designated employer representatives (DER). We found out that the same telephonic active listening and critical thinking skills so essential to both DOT and nonDOT compliance, were also key to optimum medical and claims management outcomes with regards to work related injuries. This service has evolved to being a one stop phone call for our customers, for most things related to occupational health and safety.

Our telephonic triage and support specialists have been trained in principles of excellent listening skills, intrinsic coaching and case management. Our carefully selected specialists include registered nurses and paramedics with actual and current clinical experience. Our specialists have 24/7 peer support available including board certified occupational health nurses, case managers with decades of experience as well as our occupational health medical director. When off-site or out-state care is needed, our team makes appropriate level of care referral-recommendations to preferred medical providers. Even in the cases where the affected employee is opting to "wait and see" if the pain goes away, the employee has a one: one conversation with our team to ensure they will be employing appropriate self-care measures to hasten recovery.

In those cases where there is actual medical care needed, whether the provider is a clinic, urgent care or emergency room, our team takes pride in being available for the recovering employee should they have questions or concerns about their treatment plan in between physician appointments. This is especially important after hours, during weekends and holidays.

Our specialists excel in establishing rapport, trust and confidence. Our customers count on our recounting important details of conversations at close of telephone contact to verify that those involved have a similar recollection of what has been said and agreed on. Customers also count on our maintenance of time-date stamped logs may be depended upon. Our real-time summary of events and ability to tell-the-story style of documentation is second to none.

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