Palliative Care for Pancreatic Cancer

Treatments to relieve pain and provide comfort.

We bring a dedicated, system-wide effort to make you the center of your care. Our multidisciplinary pancreatic cancer team can provide you with whatever help you need for medical or personal issues, including palliative care options. 

Our team will put you in touch with the right people to both relieve any symptoms that might be painful or to improve your quality of your life. 

Types of palliative medicine for pancreatic cancer 

Palliative medicine is available at any stage of cancer diagnosis or treatment, in and outside of the hospital. These services include:

  • Specialized treatment of pain and other symptoms
  • Emotional support for you and your family. Cancer can be overwhelming for both the patient and family. Along with behavioral health, we provide emotional support and counseling or medication when needed.
  • Guidance and support when you're faced with difficult treatment choices. Sometimes, patients and families face difficult choices about future treatments: Is a risky intervention worthwhile? Does the risk for treatment outweigh possible benefits? We can help facilitate conversations to discuss these concerns. Our palliative medicine physicians are specially trained in the CLEAR Conversations program, the goal of which is to improve conversations between providers, patients, and their families.
  • Help coordinating care at home and with other community resources. Community resources can make it possible for you to receive care at home. We can help you find services that support your treatment needs, and coordinate symptom management and psychosocial support plans with community resources, such as Henry Ford at Home or others.
  • Assistance with Advance Care Planning. We encourage everyone to complete an Advance Directive Form, so your advocate and medical wishes are in writing and will be followed even if you should become unable to make your own medical decisions. Our palliative medicine team can assist you if you have any questions about Advance Care Planning.

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Pain management

Many people have pain from their cancer, cancer treatment or pain during survivorship. Often, pain can be controlled or relieved through treatment or therapy with the help of your palliative medicine team. 

If you are having pain during your cancer treatment, tell your palliative medicine doctor or oncologist. Be very specific about the intensity and location of your pain. It is helpful to use a pain diary, like one from the American Cancer Society, to help your provider understand the specifics of your pain in order to treat it successfully.

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