Connecting you with doctors you trust

Building a relationship with a doctor you feel comfortable with and have confidence in is crucial to getting the best care. Whether you’re looking for a board-certified family doctor for your everyday health concerns or a highly specialized expert in your condition, Henry Ford Health wants to connect you with the right doctor for your unique needs.

Find a Doctor

When you search for a Henry Ford doctor, you can:

  • View profiles of our over 4,800 doctors and providers in more than 40 specialties and hundreds of sub-specialties, including patient ratings and details to help you learn more about them.
  • Narrow your search by specialty or service (like cardiology or pediatrics) or by condition (like prostate cancer or epilepsy)
  • Further filter your search to find a doctor in a location near you, who speaks your language or is the gender you may prefer to see.
  • View available times and book an appointment in real-time for those providers who have Open Scheduling available.
  • Choose to see a doctor at one of the hundreds of Henry Ford locations throughout southeast and south central Michigan, or online through one of our many virtual care options.

You can search our entire Find a Doctor directory or select one of the commonly searched specialties below to find a provider who’s right for you.


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