Henry Ford Innovations is changing the way hospitals leverage their resources to create new healthcare technologies and solutions. Our goal is to attract and develop solutions that address the world’s most pressing healthcare problems. We recognize that great ideas can come from anywhere; it is our job to engineer the collisions of talent and resources that bring those ideas to reality. To do this, Henry Ford Innovations introduced the Innovation Challenge platform to harness cutting edge ideas from both our employee population and the global community, to generate solutions from those working closest to the problems, and to attract innovations from the world’s leading innovators.

There is a need for innovative tools that help healthcare leaders, researchers, and policy makers find missing or unrecognized stakeholders and provide a platform to amplify their voice and perspectives. This is how we can shape a better tomorrow that represents the needs and concerns of our collective population, right down to the individual: you.
In this challenge we aim to support a technology, company or idea that resonates with our passion for improving health outcomes with stakeholder awareness and engagement at the core.

Every Voice Matters: Breaking Barriers to Representation in Healthcare

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