Henry Ford ENHANCE: A Solid Investment

Henry Ford ENHANCE Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has a rich legacy of providing employers with quick-response solutions to behavioral challenges impacting employee productivity – while delivering a solid return on your financial investment.

An effective EAP can help companies control costs and foster a work culture that supports total health and wellness, reducing the amount of time employees take away from work — and helping to ensure that when they return they do so with renewed strength and optimal mental health.

Why do I need an EAP?

Employees are your most valuable resource. When they are not working to full capacity, your business suffers. Employers are losing billions of dollars due to the direct and indirect costs related to the emotional health of their employees. In fact, the primary reason that 70 percent of all U.S. companies and 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies purchase EAP services is to improve their bottom line.

Today’s employers recognize that in a hectic world, their employees can experience life- or work-related issues that threaten the:

  • Productivity and efficiency of their work
  • Ability to be their very best at work and at home
  • Quality of their lives and wellness
  • Lives of their co-worker


Henry Ford Employee Assistance Program: Designed around your needs

With Henry Ford, you and your employees get the benefit of an EAP that is integrated within a health care organization. As a result, we can offer quick assessments and streamlined, convenient referrals to services within Henry Ford Health. Your EAP services are customized to fit the needs and culture of your business environment:

  • All programs are designed to enhance employee wellness while managing your costs.
  • Fees are based on anticipated and actual utilization of your program.
  • Our programs are flexible and our expanded menu of services offered to your employees and leaders is customized.
  • Henry Ford ENHANCE meets or exceeds the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Standards and Professional Guidelines for Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Every program is designed to maximize results and employee utilization. In fact, given our hands-on, service-oriented approach, Henry Ford ENHANCE has consistently increased utilization year over year and exceeds the national average – resulting in a high ROI for our clients.

To learn more about Henry Ford ENHANCE

For more information about Henry Ford ENHANCE, you can read our FAQs, review how our counseling works or review our other wellness resources.

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