Henry Ford ENHANCE Workshops

Henry Ford ENHANCE Workshops are designed to help you learn new strategies for a more balanced life at home and at work.

Henry Ford ENHANCE offers confidential counseling services, delivered by our expert team at one of several convenient ENHANCE locations, or via phone, as necessary. We also offer a variety of wellness resources, including ENHANCE workshops. Each of these wellness and professional development workshops is focused on personal or professional growth.

Henry Ford ENHANCE workshops focused on you

These ENHANCE workshops are designed to help you learn new strategies for a healthier, more wellness-focused lifestyle. They include:

  • The Art of Relaxation: Learn different relaxation strategies as well as the benefits associated with knowing how to use these calming techniques.
  • Stress Management: Explore how stress impacts you personally, psychologically and physically. You’ll become familiar with the ABCs of emotional habits and the role of irrational thinking in response to stress, and develop a plan for decreasing the negative impact stress can have on your personal and professional lives.
  • Time Management: Discover techniques for successful time management. Become aware of the ways in which you can contribute to your own time management issues and learn techniques to improve your efficiency.
  • Managing Change: Learn new strategies for approaching change. Acquire change management skills that will better allow you to handle change.
  • Anger Management: Understand how anger affects a person on a personal level, and how anger progresses and can impact an individual psychologically and physically. Become familiar with the role of negative thinking in response to anger and develop a plan for decreasing the negative impact of anger in your personal and professional life.
  • Grief: Review post-traumatic stress disorder and how this can be a factor in the grieving process. Discuss the different aspects of grieving and how to assist an individual involved in the grieving process.

Henry Ford ENHANCE workshops focused on your interactions with others

These ENHANCE workshops are designed to help you learn new strategies that improve your ability to communicate and work with others. They include:

  • Effective Communication: Learn ways to listen effectively, paraphrase and respond in a positive manner to others. Develop skills for communicating well via non-verbal cues and using assertive communication techniques.
  • Conflict Resolution: Develop an effective conflict management strategy. Identify and manage the three stages of conflict, explore the various personality styles and develop solutions for communication problems.
  • Diversity: Uncover ways to identify and define diversity and the barriers that hinder it. Explore the key factors needed to make diversity successful.
  • Dealing with Negativity: Explore the differences between negativity and attitude. Understand the benefits and consequences of attitude, the use of language involved in dealing with it, how to effect an attitude adjustment, dealing with negativity in others and determining how to develop and maintain a positive attitude.

These are just some of the many ENHANCE workshops available. These workshops are available at your worksite for 12 or more employees provided by our professional development trainers. Each workshop is customized and tailored to meet your needs. Call today to get started, (313) 874-7122 or submit our online form to request a training.

Additional Henry Ford ENHANCE resources

ENHANCE also offers other wellness and professional development resources, including information about common wellness challenges and our quarterly e-newsletter – which offers articles with real-world solutions and tips for personal and professional success.

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