Your Henry Ford Healthcare Plan

Congratulations on selecting a Henry Ford Health medical plan!

Whether you chose the HFHS Advantage Tiered Access plan or the CDHP Comprehensive HFHS Preferred Network plan, your selection offers you and your dependents exceptional care within a large geographic area. You can use your plan with confidence, knowing you have an expansive team of outstanding providers who can coordinate the care you need.

If you have specific healthcare coverage questions, please contact HAP.

Need Help Now?

Below are links to various healthcare services and information.

  • Concierge Team

    This team of administrative experts can assist you in getting the most out of your healthcare plan. Call them if you want to find a provider, need to know who can answer your healthcare coverage questions or if you need clarification on what is in-network vs. out-of-network.

    The Concierge Team can be reached Monday-Friday at 866-434-1369, from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If you call after hours, you can leave a message and they will get back during the next business day.

    There is no charge for this concierge service.

  • Newsletters and Communications

    Your health plan comes with newsletters and other communications that offer ways to make the most of your plan. While most of these are mailed to your home, you can always come back here to access the information.

    Spring/Summer 2024 Newsletter

    Fall/Winter 2023 Newsletter

    Spring/Summer 2023 Newsletter

  • MyCare Advice Line

    As part of your Henry Ford Health plan, you have access to a special MyCare Advice Line, which is staffed by Henry Ford Medical Group nurses who will recognize you as a Henry Ford plan enrollee. You can call them when you have a question about non-emergency healthcare concern or need guidance on the most appropriate care path for what is happening right now.

    Additionally, your healthcare plan MyCare Advice Line team has access to your Henry Ford Health medical records, which is important when evaluating your situation.

    You can reach your Henry Ford healthcare MyCare Advice Line team 24/7/365 at 866-434-1372.

    There is no charge for this service.

  • Same Day and Urgent Care

    Whether you are at home or traveling, you need to know your coverage. Here is how to best use the coverage you have when you need care now:

    • Same-Day In-Clinic – As an established patient with Henry Ford Health, you can be seen in-person by a primary care physician. It is recommended that you go online and fill out the short Same-Day In-Clinic questionnaire or use MyChart so that you can secure an appointment time to avoid unnecessary wait time at the facility.
    • Same-Day Video Visit on Demand – If you believe your health concern can be addressed with a video visit, you can schedule this online through your MyChart account. If you do not have a MyChart account, you can get one by signing up online. You will need your Medical Record Number, or MRN.
    • Urgent Care/Henry Ford Health-GoHealth Clinic – If you are within Southeast Michigan, Henry Ford Health’s GoHealth Urgent Care clinics are here to help. You can either walk in to any GoHealth clinic or you may save your spot in line to avoid unnecessary wait time at the facility. If you do not have a Henry Ford-GoHealth clinic nearby, you can find other Henry Ford Health Urgent Care options.

    *Whether you are inside or outside of the Southeast Michigan coverage area, you may go to any urgent care or emergency-level facility, and it will be covered. The copay for inside or outside coverage area for urgent care is the same, as is the copay for emergency room care. For emergency room care, the copay is waived if you are admitted. If you need assistance, please contact the Concierge Team at 866-434-1369.

  • Emergency Care

    Emergency-level care is a covered benefit. If you are within Southeast Michigan, you can seek care at any of the Henry Ford Health Emergency Departments for in-network coverage. If you are outside of the coverage area (Southeast Michigan), you can go to any Emergency Department for in-network care.

    *Emergency Department visits at any non-Henry Ford Health facility within the coverage area (Southeast Michigan) is considered out of network.


Providers and Pharmacy Services

By staying within the large network of providers, facilities and pharmacies included in your plan, you can reduce your cost of care while improving the continuity of your care.

  • Providers

    Within your plan, you have access to more than 2,000 providers and dozens of medical centers and facilities in Southeast Michigan. In addition to all Henry Ford Medical Group providers and facilities, you can also tap into the expanded Henry Ford Preferred Network which includes Henry Ford Physician Network (HFPN), Jackson Health Network (JHN), and Genesys providers.

    You can also call the Concierge Team to see if your non-HFMG doctor is included in the Henry Ford Preferred network. The phone number for the Concierge Team is 866-434-1369.

  • Pharmacy

    When you fill your prescription at a Henry Ford Pharmacy, you will receive special member pricing, which is usually vastly more affordable than at retail pharmacies.

    You also have access to several pharmacy services, including home delivery and mail order prescriptions.

    Additionally, Henry Ford Pharmacies offer very affordable over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, allergy medication, antacids and more.


Advantages of Your Plan

By staying within this broad network of care, you allow for the greatest possible continuity of your care. Because the expanded HFPN and JHN networks are connected, your doctors will have access to your points of care within the network.

Not only does this make each encounter easier for you and your provider, but it can make a big difference in your health outcome.

Where to Find Key Information

You can find much of this information on the back of your insurance card, including phone numbers for the Concierge Team 866-434-1369 and the MyCare Advice Line 866-434-1372.

If you have specific questions about the coverage of your specific healthcare plan, please refer to the Benefits page, which is located on OneHENRY.


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