Your doctor’s pharmacist

Henry Ford Pharmacy is a partner you and your family can trust when it comes to finding comprehensive access to a wide range of prescription solutions and exceptional service. When you choose a Henry Ford pharmacy, you can be confident knowing that your Henry Ford pharmacist is working closely with your doctor. Our pharmacists have access to your medical records and understand all the medications you may be on, looking for any interactions between medications.

We want to work together with you to keep you safe. Each time you visit your doctor or come to the hospital, make sure you bring a current medicine list with you. After each visit, make sure you know what medicine to STOP taking, what medicine to START taking and what medicine to CONTINUE taking. You can download a form to keep track of your medicines.

Safety is our priority

Our highly trained pharmacists are always on staff to greet patients and fill prescriptions in a timely manner. They can answer questions and offer advice on how to avoid any potential drug interactions. Additionally, our advanced laser bar-code technology virtually eliminates dispensing errors.

Finding a pharmacy

We want you to quickly obtain your prescription whenever you need, that's why we have more than 20 full-service pharmacies located throughout Metro Detroit. Henry Ford Pharmacy now also offers free delivery of your prescriptions to your home or office through our mail order pharmacy - Pharmacy Advantage.

For more information visit:

Henry Ford Rx mobile app

We understand that managing medication can be confusing and very time consuming. The release of the Henry Ford Rx smartphone app makes managing prescriptions easier than ever before.

Download: iPhone | Android

  • Order prescription refills
  • Receive text message notifications when a medication is ready for pick-up
  • Enroll in refill and medication dosage reminders
  • View prescription history and dosages
  • Locate a Henry Ford Pharmacy
  • Transfer prescription(s) between Henry Ford Pharmacy locations
  • See monthly OTC sale specials


  • Prescription Transfers

    Having all prescriptions at the same pharmacy is not only convenient; it can help prevent possible drug interactions.  Provide your current pharmacy information to a Henry Ford Pharmacy Employee and let us do the rest.

  • Medicare Part B Billing
    • Some of our pharmacies have the ability to bill Medicare Part B for qualified prescriptions.

    Eligibility to bill Medicare Part B is dependent upon specialty medication and disease state.

    • Part B Prescription billing is currently available at the following pharmacies:
    • Columbus
    • Detroit Northwest
    • Fairlane
    • Farmington
    • Ford Rd
    • K-15
    • Lakeside
    • Livonia
    • Main Campus Lobby
    • New Center One
    • One Ford Place
    • Pharmacy Advantage
    • Pierson
    • Plymouth
    • Specialty Discharge
    • St. Clair Shores
    • Sterling Heights
    • Taylor
    • Troy
    • West Bloomfield
    • Woodhaven

  • Hospice Prescription Program
    Henry Ford Pharmacies are able to bill eligible insurance plans for patients needing Hospice care. The pharmacy is able to prepare prescribed medications for pickup by a family member, friend, or caregiver.
  • Dialysis
    • Offered to patients who are receiving hemodialysis at a Henry Ford Facility. 
    • New and existing prescriptions are filled and delivered directly to the patient chair side during dialysis treatments.
  • Oncology
    • Delivery of oncology and maintenance medications to you during clinic visits.
    • Work closely with your physician and care team to deliver and counsel on a new regimen or dose changes, while in clinic.
  • Transplant
    • First fill of your transplant medications delivered to you prior to discharge.
    • Work in collaboration with your physician and care team to counsel on new medications if needed.
    • Certify with your physician and transplant coordinator when regimen/dose changes are implemented.
  • Ambulatory Surgery
    • Offered to patients who have received outpatient surgery at a Henry Ford Facility.  
    • Prescriptions are often delivered directly to the patient’s recovery room.
  • Emergency Room
    • Offered to patients who are seen in a Henry Ford Emergency Room.  
    • The pharmacy is able to fill existing or new prescriptions and deliver them directly to the patient.
    • With this service, patients will be able to leave the Emergency Room with all medications and start therapy right away.

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