Is Fitness Testing Right For Me?

: From seasoned athletes to those just starting an exercise program, fitness testing is a great way to measure and enhance performance and track results...

sexual intercourse discomfort

What To Do When Sex Hurts: An Expert's Guide To More Comfortable Intimacy

: If you're experiencing pain during intercourse, there are a number of things you can do to minimize the pain and make sex more pleasurable.

vascular surgeon

How Do You Know When It's Time To See A Vascular Surgeon?

: Get an expert's insight into caring for your veins and arteries, avoiding vascular disease, and when to see a vascular specialist.

diversity in workouts

How To Diversify Your Workouts For Maximum Fitness

: It's good to switch things up every now and then. Learn why diversifying your workouts is one key to becoming more fit.

fancy coffee drinks

7 Ways to Lighten Up Your Go-To Fancy Coffee Order

: Is getting your daily caffeine fix sabotaging your health goals? Learn to transform your high-fat, high-sugar latte into a healthy beverage that'...

older man wearing mask

Can Fully Vaccinated People With Weakened Immune Systems Stop Wearing Masks?

: Those with weakened immune systems might not get as much protection from the COVID-19 vaccines as those with stronger immune systems, so it's importan...


Is Your Caffeine Intake Negatively Impacting Your Mind and Body?

: Caffeine is the most widely used drug on the planet, but most of us don't understand how it affects mind and body.

Recipe & Video: Mini pudding cups 4 ways

Recipe & Video: Mini Pudding Cups 4 Ways

: When that sweet tooth hits, sometimes less is more. These mini pudding cups are versatile, easy, delicious and adorable -- with four fun flavor combin...

woman sleeping

Why We Dream: Everything You Want To Know About Dreaming

: Recent studies suggest that dreams may actually have specific purposes that contribute to our well-being. A sleep research scientist explains.

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