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How The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Childhood Obesity

: The rate of childhood obesity increased during the pandemic. Here are possible reasons why--and what we can do about it. 


Babyproofing 101: What Parents Need To Know About Eliminating Home Hazards

: Babyproofing isn't a once-and-be-done proposition. Learn how to keep your child safe through the stages.

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Kids 5 To 11 Can Now Get The COVID-19 Vaccine. Here's What To Know

: The FDA issued an emergency use authorization for the Pfizer vaccine in kids ages 5 to 11. Here's why it's important that parents get their children v...


How To Help Your Baby Through The Teething Phase

: Teething is a common problem during baby's first year. These 5 tricks can make it more comfortable.

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Halloween Is On This Year, Experts Say

: Since it's outside, trick-or-treating is a low-risk activity. Here are a few tips to celebrating Halloween--and the fall season--safely. 

5 Back-To-School Tips To Help Kids Make A Smooth Transition

5 Back-To-School Tips To Help Kids Make A Smooth Transition

: Returning to a school routine following summer break can be tough for kids. Here, a child psychiatrist offers tips to help ease the back-to-school tra...

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Parents, Beware Of THC-Laced Edibles That Look Like Candy

: Many marijuana edibles look just like candy--and if a child gets ahold of them, they likely can't tell the difference. Here's what parents should know...

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How To Keep Your Kids Safe This School Year Amid COVID-19

: Going back to in-person learning can be nerve-racking. An expert shares precautions to take to protect your children from contracting COVID-19.

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The Best Ways To Keep Kids Hydrated This Summer

: Kids overheat more quickly than adults. Learn the warning signs of dehydration in children — and how to ensure your kids get sufficient fluid.

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