How (And When) To Begin Weaning Your Child From Just About Anything

: Whether you're trying to break your baby from bottle feeding, nursing or pacifier, we've got you covered.

mother and son at computer

How Flawed, Race-Based Guidance Has Impacted Healthcare—And What’s Being Done About It

: The American Academy of Pediatrics is reviewing their pediatric guidance to see where race has erroneously played a role. Learn why this is essential ...

mother with baby getting vaccine

The COVID-19 Vaccines For Kids Under 5: Here’s What To Know

: Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been approved for children ages 6 months and up. A pediatrician answers common questions parents have before...

girl reading outside

It’s Not Just Adults. Children Are Getting Long COVID, Too

: An inability to focus and changes in sleep patterns may be two signs of long COVID in children. A pediatrician shares what we know about long COVID in...

sports physical vs well visit

Can A Sports Physical Replace A Wellness Exam?

: There are big differences between what happens at a child's regular wellness visit and a sports physical. A pediatrician explains why each is importan...

siblings reading together

5 Reasons To Get Your Child Reading This Summer

: Summer is the perfect time to nurture a love of reading in your children. A pediatrician shares the positive effects reading can have on kids. 

mother feeding baby

The Formula Milk Shortage: What Parents Should Know

: A lactation counselor shares how to ensure your child is safely fed during the formula shortage. 

mother with baby

Study Shows Link Between Gut Bacteria And ADHD

: Babies with a certain gut microbiome profile may be more prone to developing ADHD as a child. Learn why. 

fruit juice for kids

How To Pick A Healthy Fruit Juice For Your Kids

: Fruit drink labels can be confusing. But if you want the best juice for your kids, look for one that says 100% fruit juice.

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