workout buddy

Having A Workout Buddy Can Improve Your Health. Here's Why

: Having an exercise buddy can make working out more fun — and more effective.

compound exercises

An Expert Explains Why You Should Try Compound Exercises

: Working more than one muscle group at a time can help you get fitter, faster.

toddler with pregnant mom

If You’ve Had A Baby, You Probably Need Pelvic Floor Therapy. Here’s Why

: Pregnancy can weaken your pelvic floor muscles, which can cause a variety of issues. Here's how a physical therapist can help. 

sports acupuncture

Have Tennis Or Golfer's Elbow? Sports Acupuncture May Help

: Learn how sports acupuncture treats pain and can speed up recovery - plus ways to prevent future injuries and stay active.

warmup different sports

How To Warm Up Correctly Before Playing Different Sports

: Before you launch into a workout, you need to warm up your joints and muscles.

defining in shape

How Do I Know If I'm In Good Shape?

: There is no single definition of what it means to be fit — and there are a variety of ways to reach that goal.

love for movement

7 Ways To Inspire Your Kids To Move

: Learn how exercise for kids is good for physical and mental health. Find tips for inspiring a love of movement as part of a healthy lifestyle the whol...

lawnmower injuries

How To Stay Safe While Mowing The Lawn This Summer

: Lawnmowers can cause serious injuries. Learn what precautions you can take before, during and after mowing to stay safe all summer long.

yoga for all ages

How Yoga Can Benefit You At Any Age

: It's no secret that yoga has plenty of perks. Learn the benefits of this age-old practice for every phase of life.

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