woman looking at phone

Overwhelmed? How To Cope With Decision Fatigue

: Making decisions isn't easy--especially when they're fraught with worries of contracting COVID-19. An expert shares how to lighten your load and make ...

does BMI matter

Does Your BMI Really Matter To Your Overall Health?

: A high BMI is linked with increased disease risk, but it may not provide a clear picture of your individual risk.

stomach noises

Why Does My Stomach Make Noises? What’s Normal And When To Seek Help

: Learn what causes stomach noises, steps that reduce discomfort and when to seek medical care.

tree-stand hunting safety tips

Tips From The ER: Tree-Stand Hunting Safety

: As hunting season in Michigan gets underway, hospital ERs anticipate an increase in hunting-related visits, especially resulting from tree-stand falls...

grandfather with grandson

Why Are Black Men At A Greater Risk For Prostate Cancer?

: Research shows that Black men are about twice as likely to get and die from prostate cancer than white men. An expert shares what to know.

seniors addiction

Substance Abuse & Seniors: How Addiction Impacts Older Adults Differently

: Learn why older Americans are at high risk for substance use disorder — and how to spot signs of addiction.

bedside table

How Sleep Can Affect Your Weight

: Struggling with weight loss? A sleep researcher explains why there is a direct link between too little or too much sleep and issues with weight manage...

pregnant mother and child

The COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe For Pregnant People, Says CDC

: An expert answers commonly asked questions and shares why it's important that all pregnant women get vaccinated.

head and neck exam

Advancements In Clinical Trials For Head And Neck Cancers

: Treating head and neck cancer--without inhibiting a person's daily life--can be difficult. Learn about the clinical trials that are trying to solve th...

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