Research is a vital component of the mission of Henry Ford Health

Henry Ford Health's mission is to improve human life through excellence in the science and art of health care and healing. This mission is strongly supported and enhanced by the dedicated staff pursuing scientific activities.

Since 1915, Henry Ford Hospital physicians and scientists have focused their efforts on a wide variety of topics critical to understanding the mechanisms of disease and developing new, viable treatment options. Henry Ford Hospital basic science research involves over 85 full-time PhD faculty and their support staff and focuses on the following:

Much of Henry Ford Hospital research is translational in nature - from bench to bedside. To this end, our basic science studies run the gamut from whole animal physiology to cell and molecular biology to bioengineering with an emphasis on studies that can directly impact patient care. See the link to the left for a list of our research bioscientific staff.

Our population and health care research focuses on origins of childhood diseases, disease screening, prevention and management, health outcomes, disparities in care, and health economics. This group of researchers collaborates with members of the Henry Ford Medical Group as well as researchers in other states to enhance the quality of health care nationally. These studies are housed in the departments of Public Health Sciences and the Center for Health Policy and Health Services Research.

Henry Ford Hospital scientists and physicians participate in and lead many clinical trials which help us understand how to best treat diseases. This is the mechanism by which new and potentially life-saving drugs are tested for safety and therapeutic efficacy. Altogether, there are greater than 1,800 active studies approved by our IRB in our medical and surgical departments. By working together, doctor to doctor, nurse to doctor, researcher to physician, Henry Ford can maximize clinical innovations to provide the highest quality of care. The Clinical Trials Office serves to identify and implement strategies for growing clinical research. Clinical trials are coordinated and run by physicians and research nurses in the majority of Henry Ford Hospital departments. Internal Medicine divisions involved in running significant numbers of clinical trials are Allergy, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hematology/Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Medicine. Other departments with significant clinical research include Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, and all of our cancer sub-specialties.

For more information, please contact Dave Lanfear MD, MS, Vice-President of Research at

Research at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital

In partnership with colleagues from across the Henry Ford Health, the Department of Research at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital is the central resource for promoting, supporting and managing the production of high quality research within Jackson Hospital.

Research efforts at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital not only help to guide our institution’s performance improvement and quality assurance projects, but also support the Institutional Excellence Program, the Nursing Research Council, Graduate Medical Education and individual investigators in important projects.

Researchers at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital lead a variety of studies across multiple service lines, including oncology, neurology, dermatology and surgery (among others); the Department also coordinates industry-sponsored clinical trials for both pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Henry Ford Jackson Hospital Research Department staff and partners strive to be champions of excellence in all research activities, collaborating with local, industry, academic and regulatory partners to facilitate best practices in all research activities.

For more information about research at Henry Ford Health in Jackson, MI please email the Henry Ford Jackson Hospital Medical Research Department


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