Henry Ford's Commitment to Quality and Safety


We are a nationally recognized health organization, committed to your health care experience. Our focus is in providing you with the highest quality care. Our national honors for health care include:

We are a global health care leader with a commitment to you and your health care experience. At Henry Ford, we:

  • Believe patients are vital partners in their care and encourage patients to "speak up" with any concerns
  • Make patient safety our first priority
  • Treat patients with the same care and concern we want for our own loved ones
  • We believe in a strong commitment to safe practices and procedures
  • We believe teamwork and "Speaking Up" are the expectations for all employees and physicians

Our commitment to patient safety

Through our website, we provide available data regarding care quality and safety, and an online contact form, for our patients if they have questions or concerns regarding patient safety.

Our annual quality expo

Now in it the 23rd year, Henry Ford Health System hosts an annual Quality Expo that is hailed as one of the best quality improvement events in the country. This event provides a platform for employees to showcase and be recognized for their work that leads to improved quality, safety and performance as well as new clinical innovations and best practices.

See a list of all the projects presented and learn more about our speaker from this year's event.

Your role is key

As a patient, you play a key role in the quality and safety of your own health care. The more educated you are about quality health care, the better decisions you can make for you and your family.

What does it all mean?

We are transparent and compare the data to other health care organizations around the country. Our quality section is among the most informative in health care and contains some of the most thorough and up-to-date quality information available for patients.

Quality & safety dashboard metrics

Henry Ford is committed to providing the highest quality and safety for all our patients and employees. The quality dashboard reflects important measures for the six dimensions of quality and safety that have been described by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The Institute of Medicine is a national organization, which helps direct healthcare priorities for the country.

SAFE – care will be safe with the goal of eliminating all harm.

TIMELY – care will be accessible and timely.

EFFECTIVE – care will be evidence-based following national guidelines.

EFFICIENT – we will provide value through reducing unnecessary waste, being efficient, and reducing costs.

EQUITABLE – care is provided to all with no bias.

PATIENT-CENTERED – involving individuals and their families in their care so that it is valuable and meaningful to the individual patient.

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