Experiences from Past Participants

“We love doing this stuff. Whenever there is a study, we are like let’s do it!” (MAAP Participant, 2020)

“My daughter was very excited to hear that additional studies were taking place” (WHEALS Participant, 2020)

 “I’m happy to be a part of the study” (MAAP Participant, 2020)

“I am so happy my child and I were able to participate in the MAAP study while she was an infant” (MAAP Participant, 2020)

“I'm so glad that my little one's contributions helped you guys discover so much.” (MAAP Participant, 2019)

 “I’m really glad we could help” (WHEALS Participant, 2020)

“I've always enjoyed participating in the study. Hopefully it is doing some good” (CAS Participant, 2020)


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