Our Studies

The Mom and Baby Research Studies: Asthma and Allergies offers several studies to help future generations. 

Our studies are observational, which means you will not be asked to take any medications or vaccines or change any part of your routine. Because these are observational/data collection studies, women (and their babies) can participate in more than one of these projects without risk to herself or her baby.

You will receive the same quality of care from your care providers whether or not you participate in this study.

To learn more about the various studies or if you qualify, please visit the links below for information.

  • CANOE  - This study looks at the relationship between the environment, genetics and who may develop asthma.  A pregnant woman may participate if she has asthma or hay fever, or if the father of her baby, or her children have asthma or hay fever.
  • REACH - This study looks at the relationships between mom's lifestyle and diet to the child’s risk of getting asthma in the first years of life. You can help doctors and scientists figure out how to treat mothers and babies to prevent children from getting diseases like allergies and asthma.  

  • STAR - All the moms in this study must have current allergic asthma. Women with allergic asthma have babies that are at greater risk for getting the same disorder. This study takes a more in-depth look at the relationships between mom's lifestyle and diet to the child’s risk of getting asthma and allergies in the first years of life. 

  • SUNBEAM - Mom, dad, and baby can all be a part of this study. This study looks at how family history, lifestyle, and early life factors might be related to getting allergic diseases. We especially want to learn more about eczema and food allergies during the first year of life.

With your help, we can better understand how different lifestyles, environments and genetics affect the health of moms and babies.


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