CHSR Staff


Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Elyse LLamocca, Ph.D., (Henry Ford Health System)
  • Erin Haley, Ph.D., (Henry Ford Health System)
  • Brianna Costales, Ph.D. (Kaiser Permanente Northern California)
  • Lauren Wilson, Ph.D., (Saint Louis University, Missouri)

MiMIND Project Team

  • Heather Omdal, MPH
  • Sarah Moore, MSW
  • Leslie Johnson, RN
  • Gabrielle Benton
  • Jeff Warchall, BS
  • Xiaohong (Julie) Ge, MS

Project Managers

  • Farah Elsiss, MS, LLP
  • Rowyda Kazan, MA, LLP
  • Ashley Kucera, MPH
  • Ellen Nixon, MS
  • Heather Omdal, MPH
  • Lora Rupp, MS
  • Joslyn Westphal, MPH
  • Diane Wisnieski, MPH
  • Celeste Zabel, MPH, CCRC

Data Analysts

  • Xiaohong (Julie) Ge, MS
  • Yong Hu, MS
  • Jianhui Hu, Ph.D.
  • Angela Roemer, BA
  • Xu (Patrick) Wang, MPH
  • Jeff Warchall, BS
  • Shilling Zhang, MS 

Health Policy

  • Diane Valade, MS, Manager 
  • Alexandra Donnelly, MPH
  • Hassan Kourani, MPH
  • Lauren Lambert, MPH

Research Coordinators

  • Brittany Christopher
  • Roman Grossi
  • Tessa Hampton
  • Myles Harris
  • Angela Humphries
  • Jaclyn Johnson
  • Alyssa Merritt
  • Kennedy Redmond-Payne
  • Anamika Singh
  • Sydney Spatafore
  • Ariana Springgate
  • Salam Sulaiman
  • Logan Zelenak

Administrative Staff

  • Wynell Pitts
  • Kim Sadlocha
  • Nicole Zeld – Grant Manager
  • Melissa Foster – Sr. Public Relations Specialist


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