Introducing the COACH Study: Digital Therapy for Insomnia

COACH StudyAre you tired of struggling with sleepless nights? The COACH Study is here to help! We are conducting groundbreaking research to explore the effectiveness of digital therapy for insomnia in diverse populations. And we need your participation!

See If You’re Eligible Now

If you’re eligible you’ll have the option to ask questions about the consent form, sign it, and then proceed through the baseline survey to enroll.

What is the COACH Study?

The COACH Study is a comprehensive research program designed to investigate the benefits of digital therapy for insomnia. Our study consists of 6 weekly therapy sessions provided at no cost to you, delivered through a convenient virtual platform accessible from your own phone or computer. No need to leave the comfort of your home!

How does it work? 

Each therapy session will last between 20-40 minutes, allowing you to seamlessly fit it into your daily routine. As part of the study, you will also be asked to complete brief daily sleep diaries, taking only a minute or two of your time. These diaries help us track your progress and tailor the therapy to your individual needs. Additionally, we will send you weekly surveys to monitor your progress throughout the treatment.

Your invaluable insights: To ensure we gather the most comprehensive data, some participants may be selected to participate in an exit interview. This interview will provide an opportunity for you to share your firsthand experience with the program, further advancing our understanding of digital therapy for insomnia.

Join the COACH Study: If you're excited to take part in this groundbreaking research and potentially find relief from your insomnia, we encourage you to take our screening survey to determine your eligibility. If deemed eligible, you'll be redirected to a baseline survey where we'll gather more information about your lifestyle and medical history. After completing these steps, you can schedule an intake call with our dedicated team member to set up your virtual therapy platform.

Rewarding your commitment: We deeply appreciate your participation in the COACH Study and want to recognize your valuable time and effort. Therefore, if you choose to join us, you will be compensated for your involvement.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey towards better sleep?

Take the first step now by participating in our screening survey. And remember, your involvement in the COACH Study will not only benefit yourself but help pave the way for improved insomnia treatments for everyone.

Sweet dreams await with the COACH Study. Join us today!


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COACH Study ContactSubmit your contact information and we’ll reach out to you to set-up time to discuss the study.

Phone: (248) 344-4159

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

COACH ClockHow does the program work?

The COACH program takes place through a digital therapist known as "The Prof." By answering the questions during the account setup process, the program is tailored to your specific needs. The Prof will provide valuable tips for improving your sleep, assist in creating a sleep schedule optimized for you, and offer much more personalized guidance for a better night's rest.

Do I need a computer to participate?

No, you don't necessarily need a computer to participate. We have developed a user-friendly app for the platform that works seamlessly on your smartphone. Although it's generally easier to create your account on a computer, once your account is set up, you can actively engage with the study using just your phone. All you need is at least one electronic device with an internet connection to participate in this study.

How much will I be compensated for participating?

Your commitment to the study is highly appreciated, and we want to acknowledge your valuable time and effort. Participation will be at no cost to you, your insurance will not be billed. As a participant, you will receive $240 upon successfully completing the study. In addition, if you are selected for an exit interview, you will receive an extra $40 as a token of our gratitude for sharing your experience.


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