Basic Science Research Program

Much of the research conducted at Henry Ford Hospital is translational in nature, spanning from bench to bedside. A team of 87 bioscientific staff performs studies that range from whole-animal physiology to cell and molecular biology to bioinformatics to bioengineering to image analysis. The focus of the research is understanding disease mechanisms with the hope of translating research results into clinical trials and thus improved clinical care. At the basic science level, HF Research is focused on:

  • Cardiovascular and Renal Research (e.g. high blood pressure, renal function and heart failure)
  • Neurosciences Research (e.g. stroke, traumatic and other brain injury)
  • Bone and Joint Research (e.g. muscle, cartilage and bone biology, biomechanics and joint motion)
  • Cancer Research (e.g. prostate, breast, ovarian, brain and head and neck cancers)
  • Immunology Research (e.g. autoimmune and skin diseases, immune basis of cancer)