The Eye and The Chip

Plans are underway for the 2019 presentation of The Eye and The Chip

Save the Date:
November 10-12, 2019
The Henry Hotel, Dearborn Michigan

If you have questions or interest in this congress please contact Roseanne Horne at (313) 936-1968

Working toward a future with artificial vision.

The Eye and The Chip is a research congress that seeks to marry the most recent advances in nanoelectronics and neurobiology – to provide artificial vision to many people who are now blind as a result of many eye conditions, diseases and injuries. Results from the congress will advance the day when many persons now blind recover some level of useful vision. At this collaborative event, the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology brings together more than 30 authorities from various vision science and technology fields. 

Research Panel Members

Download the HOVER Consensus Statement (preliminary draft)

2017 Media Coverage

2017 Media Coverage for The Eye and the Chip conference

Dedicated to:

  • Identifying areas of progress in the wedding between neurobiology and nanotechnology which will one day provide devices to be placed in the eye or the brain of many persons now blind to afford them some level of useful vision
  • Achieving, by collegial interchange, collaborative relationships between major programs in Europe, America, Asia and Australia
  • Identifying advances and challenges remaining in the global pursuit of true artificial vision
  • Identifying outcomes of device implantation where it is occurring—Europe, US, etc.
  • Identifying progress in the US FDA approval of visual Neuro-prosthetic device implantation in humans

Target audience:

  • Bioengineers
  • Biomaterials Researchers
  • Corporate Regulatory Officials
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineers
  • Journalists
  • Medical Device Representatives
  • Nanotechnologists
  • Neuro-anatomists
  • Neuro-pathologists
  • Neuro-radiologists
  • Neuro-surgeons
  • Neurophysiologists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Optometrists
  • Blind Community
  • Interested Public
  • Press
  • Visual Physiologists
  • Venture Capitalists

Congress objectives:

At the end of the 10th The Eye and The Chip World Research Congress the lead research presenters and attendees will:

  • Have a clear understanding of which blind patients will eventually benefit from a visual neuro-prosthetic device
  • Be fully aware of which patients will benefit from a device within the eye, and which patients will be benefitted only by a device interfacing directly with the visual cortex of the brain
  • View the development process of a complex medical device, and will recognize the role played by the US FDA in bringing forth safe and effective medical devices for the American public
  • Review progress in the field of visual neuro-prosthetic device development and implantation — challenges and successes
  • Form possible additional collaborative relationships which will serve to accelerate the process of device development and implementation
  • Address and fully understand remaining challenges

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Robert Hamilton
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