Accelerated and personalized breast cancer care.

A breast cancer diagnosis is scary and overwhelming. And, you have a lot of questions: What’s going to happen to me? Where do I find the best doctor and treatment? It’s important to slow down and take a crucial step to find answers and reassurance: Get a second opinion. 

See our entire team — virtually or in-person — in one week

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At Henry Ford, our breast cancer team makes getting a second opinion convenient and simple:

  • We’ll meet you where you’re most comfortable – virtually by phone or video, or in person - within a week.
  • Our team will give you a complete care plan by the end of your first visit.
  • 24/7 personal nurse navigator support to answer your questions and schedule appointments.
  • Your team includes fellowship trained breast cancer surgeons and reconstruction surgeons.
  • Breast reconstruction will be addressed as part of your care plan.

Our team specializes in caring for patients with breast cancer, and we excel at treating advanced diagnoses, including triple negative breast cancer

We recognize the viewpoint of another doctor can help you feel more comfortable with and sure of your treatment decisions, particularly if your second doctor confirms the findings and recommendations of your first doctor. That’s one reason our doctors discuss treatment plans and options for each patient at our regular tumor boards. These meetings ensure you receive the best recommendations from our whole breast cancer team, not just the doctors directly involved in your care.

Your Second Opinion Checklist

Use this checklist when you consult with your breast cancer doctor or care team to make sure you're getting the thorough, caring experience you deserve.

Download Your Checklist

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