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Expert Breast Cancer Care

World-renowned, compassionate breast cancer care in Michigan

If you have breast cancer or could be at risk for the disease, you want a team of experts by your side. All of our locations have received full accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), which holds breast centers to the highest standards of quality care.

Everyone on our team is dedicated to getting you the care you need for your breast cancer. Each of our doctors specializes in caring for patients with breast cancer, and the entire team meets regularly to discuss each individual patient’s case and recommendations for their care. In addition, you’ll have a dedicated breast cancer nurse navigator to support you along the way.

We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at (888) 777-4167.

Diagnosing breast cancer

Your breast cancer care starts by having an accurate diagnosis. Regular screenings give us the best chance of detecting breast cancer early in the process — which often results in better outcomes. If your tests show that you have breast cancer, our advanced diagnostic technology and techniques give your breast cancer care team the information they need to effectively treat your disease.

Your breast cancer treatment plan

Every patient’s breast cancer is unique. That means your treatment must be unique to you as well. Your breast cancer care team will create your personalized treatment plan based on your:

  • Type of cancer
  • Health needs
  • Concerns, preferences, etc.

We use the most advanced treatments whenever possible, including options to help you preserve your breasts. Our treatments include:

You may also be able to participate in clinical trials as part of your treatment plan. Clinical trials provide you access to advanced treatments and techniques that are not widely available elsewhere. We are constantly involved in the latest research on breast cancer, including our work in Ghana in Africa. There, we research the genetic origins of triple-negative breast cancer, an aggressive and difficult-to-treat type of breast cancer that often affects African American women.

Expert Breast Cancer Care

We give patients access to the top surgeons and the most advanced science-based technologies and treatments.

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Support during breast cancer treatment and beyond

Your breast cancer care team will be by your side at every step of your journey. It’s natural to have questions about what will happen and how to cope while you keep up with the demands of your everyday life. In addition to support from your nurse navigator, we offer a range of support services to help you along the way during your care.

You may continue to need support as you move into cancer survivorship, the period after your breast cancer treatment is complete. We encourage you to take advantage of our many survivorship support programs once you have completed your treatment.

Stories from Survivors

At Henry Ford, every patient has their own diagnosis, personalized treatment plan and path to recovery, and we are grateful for those who allow us to share their stories.

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Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

One of the many types of breast cancer, triple-negative breast cancer is one of the more difficult types to treat -- but our experts are always up for the challenge.

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