Support During Treatment

Take advantage of our programs and services for patients with breast cancer.

It’s natural for patients who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer to have many questions, such as:

  • “What will happen to me?”
  • “How do I keep up with the demands of my job and family?”
  • “How do I get through this difficult time?”

You don’t have to find the answers to these important questions alone. Your nurse navigator will be there to help you know what to expect throughout your breast cancer journey. Your nurse navigator can connect you with the help you and your family need, from home health aides for in-home care to assistance with tasks you may be unable to complete due to the side effects of your treatment, such as laundry and cleaning.

In addition to your nurse navigator, we offer a wide range of support services for patients during treatment, including:

cancer support yoga
Breast Cancer and the Benefits of Yoga
Doing yoga during your breast cancer treatment can have many physical and emotional benefits.
Understanding and Treating Neuropathy

Certain chemotherapies can cause inflammation or directly damage the nerves, causing neuropathy. Neuropathy, which causes pain, tingling, burning or numbness in the hands and feet can be especially difficult to deal with.

celtic knot

Colleen's Corner: Local and National Resources

For more support, visit Colleen's Corner for a list of helpful local and national resources about cancer.

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