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A diagnosis of brain cancer can feel overwhelming. At the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center, you will find compassion and ongoing support from experienced brain tumor specialists. Our team of doctors and nurses offers everything you and your family need for a brain tumor: rapid diagnosis, personalized care and expert brain tumor treatment.

When standard brain tumor treatment fails, patients and doctors from across Michigan and the Midwest turn to us. We offer hope through individualized treatment plans and a world-class, coordinated care team.

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We understand you may be hesitant to come in for a visit. As part of our commitment to provide the safest, most advanced care, we offer virtual care options to get you the brain tumor care you need.
Our cancer team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. We know getting answers fast is important.
  • Call us at (888) 777-4167


Why choose Henry Ford for brain tumor care?

At the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center, doctors with varying fields of expertise come together on your behalf, for a true multidisciplinary approach. We offer:

  • National leadership: Since 1993, our brain tumor center has been recognized by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for delivering leading brain tumor therapies. Henry Ford was among a select group of the nation’s centers — and the only one in Michigan — chosen to participate in the NCI-funded Adult Brain Tumor Consortium (ABTC) and Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative (BTTC).
  • Convenience and fast access: You receive all the initial care you need at our brain tumor center, with a patient coordinator to help with your needs. If you need chemotherapy or radiation therapy, we can provide those treatments at satellite locations that may be closer or more convenient for you. We also guarantee appointments with a brain tumor specialist within 24 business hours. Learn more about our brain tumor 24-hour appointment guarantee.
  • Personalized approach: Our tumor typing looks at each tumor’s specific molecular features to identify the most promising treatments. If you need surgery, we can store a sample of the removed tumor for further analysis and tailored treatments that may later become available. Learn more about our brain tumor typing and brain tumor bank.
  • Glioblastoma expertise: We have treated more than 1,400 people with glioblastoma, the most aggressive primary brain tumor. In addition, our brain tumor team led the development of new national guidelines for progressive glioblastoma. Learn more about brain tumor types.
  • Options for metastatic disease: We offer a dedicated program for cancer that has spread to the brain. Our team led the effort to develop comprehensive national guidelines for treating this challenging disease. Learn more about metastatic brain cancer treatment.
  • Second opinions: If you’ve received a diagnosis or treatment recommendations at another center, our team can provide you with an expert, outside consultation for peace of mind. Learn more about the brain tumor doctors on our team.

Tailored brain tumor treatments

Your case will be reviewed by our multidisciplinary brain tumor board, with members making personalized recommendations that meet your needs. Even if doctors elsewhere have said you have an inoperable brain tumor, our experienced surgeons may be able to help.

Our options for brain tumor treatment draw from a range of the latest approaches, with a record of innovation. Some treatments we were the first in Michigan to offer, and some the first in the country.

Nurse with ipad in hand
24 Hour Appointment Guarantee
When it’s brain cancer, you don’t want to wait. We offer a brain tumor appointment guarantee to ensure that you can be seen by a specialist quickly.
New Henry Ford Cancer Institute Pavilion in Detroit
Our new cancer pavilion is a global destination site for cancer treatment, precision medicine, clinical trials, and cancer support services. We designed the building with input from cancer patients, ensuring they have the care and support they need at each step of their cancer journey.
AGILE clinical trial new
A Next-Generation Clinical Trial Program
The first-ever adaptive clinical trial for brain cancer, GBM AGILE is a major step forward for Precision Medicine.
Virtual Care
We offer many options to get you the brain tumor care you need.

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