Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is emergency care covered?

    All qualified medical emergencies pay at Level 1 benefits at any emergency department, not just Henry Ford Health System emergency departments. All follow-up care should be with a ConnectedCare: Henry Ford Health System provider to pay at Level 1 benefits.

  • What do I do if I don’t have a Henry Ford Health System provider yet and I need care now?
    If you need care immediately, we recommend that you first call the MyCare Advice Line at (833) 262-1949. They will triage your symptoms and provide assistance deciding where to go for care, including if you need to go to an emergency room. If you need to visit a walk-in clinic or urgent care, they can help you find a Henry Ford Health System location close to you and can also get you in line online before you arrive. If you are outside of Southeast Michigan, we recommend that you still call the MyCare Advice Line for assistance.
  • What do I do if I do have a Henry Ford Health System provider and need care now for a non-emergency?

    Henry Ford Health System has multiple options to quickly reach your provider from anywhere, including outside of Southeast Michigan, and be seen right away if you are in Southeast Michigan:

    • Use Henry Ford MyChart to message your provider, begin an E-Visit, or check for upcoming appointments
    • Call the MyCare Advice Line at (833) 262-1949 at any time for free nurse advice
    • Visit a Henry Ford Walk-In Clinic (same cost as an office visit) or Henry Ford Urgent Care (higher cost than an office visit)
    • Call the concierge team at (844) 436-7637 to schedule an appointment with a primary care provider within the next day or a specialist within 10 business days
  • How do I know if my provider is Level 1?
    Henry Ford Health System has over 3,000 providers in more than 40 specialties. About half of the providers are employed by Henry Ford Health System and the rest are independent providers who are part of the broader Henry Ford Physician Network. Some independent providers are affiliated with multiple health systems and may not have a Henry Ford Health System sign on their office. To find providers in Level 1, visit BCBSM Find a Doc.
  • What services are offered at Henry Ford Medical Centers? Do I have to go to a hospital for specialty care and ambulatory surgery?
    Our medical centers provide a wide range of services to offer convenient care for you and your family, including, but not limited to, primary care, pediatrics, specialty care, obstetrics/gynecology, physical therapy, lab and imaging services, behavioral health, and pharmacy. Some of our larger medical centers also include ambulatory surgery. To understand services offered at each of our medical centers call the concierge team at (844) 436-7637.
  • How do I get a same-day or next-day appointment?
    If you are sick and need to be seen quickly, call the concierge team at 844-436-7637 to schedule an appointment. Your specific provider may not be available the same day or next day. If that is the case, the concierge team will work with you to schedule an appointment with another provider in that same clinic or at a location that meets your needs.
  • If I’ve never seen a Henry Ford Health System provider, how do I transfer my records from another system to my new provider?
    If your non-Henry Ford Health System provider is on Epic, there is nothing required from you to transfer your records. Your new Henry Ford Health System provider will automatically have access to your previous records once you establish care because both providers utilize the same electronic medical record platform. If your non-Henry Ford Health System provider is not on Epic, your new Henry Ford Health System provider will have you sign a record release form when you establish care with them and your new provider’s office will handle obtaining necessary records from your previous provider’s office.
  • How do I connect with my provider on Henry Ford MyChart?
    • Ask a question: Send a message to any provider’s office with whom you’ve established care. There is no charge to message your provider
    • Schedule an appointment: Schedule an appointment with any provider with whom you’ve established care
    • Begin an E-Visit: Answer questions based upon your symptoms and they will be assessed by your provider within 24 hours. There is a charge for E-Visits before your meet your out-of-pocket maximum
    • Renew a prescription: Request a medication renewal for one of your existing prescriptions

    (Some ConnectedCare providers may not be on Henry Ford MyChart or other patient portal.)

  • Why aren’t all providers on Henry Ford MyChart?

    All providers employed by Henry Ford Health System utilize Henry Ford MyChart, but not all independent providers do. We’ll ensure that your information is still shared between your providers and shared with you in a timely manner. If you would like to check if your existing provider utilizes Henry Ford MyChart or select a provider who utilizes Henry Ford MyChart, call the concierge team at (844) 436-7637.


For additional information about the ConnectedCare: Henry Ford Health System plan option, please visit GM’s FAQ document for extensive plan details.

Additional Patient Resources

Virtual care options for MyChart users

Virtual care, also called telemedicine, is the future of healthcare. Connect with your Henry Ford doctor through your Henry Ford MyChart account on your mobile device or computer without having to leave home or work. We offer six virtual care options for you to access internal medicine, family medicine, pediatric, dermatology, behavioral health, and international travel medicine providers, to name a few.

Resources for caregivers

Are you the primary caregiver for a loved one or friend? Caregivers are special people who devote a lot of time and effort to make sure their friend or family member gets the care they need and deserve. We believe caregivers are valuable partners with the team that cares for your loved one. The Caregiver Resource web page is a starting point to find helpful and supportive services.

You’ll find information on:

  • Advance care planning
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Developmental disabilities, autism resources
  • Mental health support
  • Older adult resources
  • Parent resources
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Veteran’s resources
  • Transplant living community

LGBTQ health resources

Find health information relating to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer communities.

Our transgender health team offers comprehensive and affirming healthcare for transgender patients, including primary care, gender-affirming hormones and more.

Advance care planning

Providing information and tools to assist patients and families with end-of-life planning, decisions and documentation. The reality is that too many of us spend our last days in ways we would never choose. Expressing our end-of-life wishes relieves our families and loved ones from the burden of making tough decisions for us. Learn more about Advance care planning.