Advance Care Planning

What is Advance Care Planning?

Advance care planning is the process of thinking about and planning for a time when you may be unable to make your own decisions regarding your medical care. It allows you to assign a Patient Advocate, which is a person who is responsible for carrying out the decisions you’ve discussed. And it allows you to put your decisions in writing in what’s called an Advance Directive. This Advance Directive will go into your medical chart so that should there be a need, your physician will know how to best care for you.

What Happens During an ACP Consultation?

During your consult, a trained facilitator will help you:

  • Understand possible future healthcare choices
  • Reflect on those choices in light of the values and goals important to you
  • Discuss your choices with those close to you and the health professionals who care for you
  • Make a plan for future healthcare situations

Answers to possible Questions:

Does it cost anything? No, it is free of charge and offered as part of our Standard Care

How long does it take? Generally speaking, it will take two sessions with a trained facilitator. Sessions usually last between 30-60 minutes depending on your situation.

Do I need to bring anything? If you have any documents such as a living will or Advance Directive. You should also be prepared to talk about your medical condition and current treatment plan if any. Your facilitator will be asking about what makes your life meaningful and what about you is important for us and your physician to know.

Can/Should I bring someone? Yes, we encourage you to bring anyone who you trust and feel would benefit from hearing you talk about what is important to you and what you think about certain medical decisions. It is particularly important to bring the person who will act as your representative in the case that you would not be able to speak for yourself.. 


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