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In the news

  • Being Mortal, Dr. Atul Gawande, Frontline explores the intersection of life, death, medicine and what matters in the end.
  • Facing Death (PBS Frontline Series): In Facing Death, FRONTLINE gains extraordinary access to The Mount Sinai Medical Center, one of New York's biggest hospitals, to take a closer measure of today's complicated end-of-life decisions. In this intimate, groundbreaking film, doctors, patients and families speak with remarkable candor about the increasingly difficult choices people are making at the end of life: when to remove a breathing tube in the ICU; when to continue treatment for patients with aggressive blood cancers; when to perform a surgery; and when to call for hospice.
  • Making the case for having the conversation: A faith community nurse shares insights and perspective on both the difficulty in engaging in advance care planning and the benefit that can occur when you do have those difficult conversations.
  • Sepsis and Empathy Lecture, Dr. Rana Awdish is a critical care physician in Detroit, MI. Hear her story.
  • The Town Where Everyone Talks About Death: Learn how one small town in Wisconsin turned death into a comfortable conversation.