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Earlexia Norwood, M.D.

Earlexia Norwood, M.D., is passionate about her patients living to their fullest potential. That is part of the reason she became a family medicine doctor. Her desire to help build healthy communities pushes her to educate people on wellness through events, speaking engagements and appearances on radio and television. In her multiple leadership positions at Henry Ford Health, she also mentors other doctors and is an advocate for community health education. Throughout her career, Dr. Norwood has received a number of awards and acknowledgements, including HOUR Detroit’s Top Doc recognition multiple times. She is also involved in numerous professional associations, organizations and boards.

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bad breath

Bad Breath: What Causes It And How To Fix It

: A Henry Ford family medicine physician explains what causes halitosis and what you can do about bad breath.

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What Your Dentist Can Tell You About Your Health

: Could your mouth be the window to your overall health? That may be taking it a bit far, but your mouth is one of the first places in your body that ca...

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Surprising Health Benefits Of Smiling

: Smiling not only offers a mood boost but helps our bodies release cortisol and endorphins that provide many health benefits. A bonus? It's also contag...

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How To Truly Rest And Recharge On Vacation

: Often feel like you need a vacation from your vacation stress? Tips to avoid the common traps that leave us feeling less than relaxed after time away.

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Alternative Mosquito Repellent Options

: The search for a better mosquito repellent alternatives goes on, and the market for more natural approaches is buzzing. Here are some options.

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Boost Your Health With Acts Of Kindness

: Our brains have positive psychological reactions with even simple acts of kindness and it can actually help your health. 5 tips to get you started.


The Science of Fitness: Does Exercise Change Your DNA?

: Does exercise have the power to change your genetics? New research explains why changes at the cellular level may help you live longer and prevent dis...

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Stress 9-1-1: How To Save Your Health (and Your Sanity!)

: While stress is an inevitable part of life, too much of it can be a major roadblock to health and well-being. Here are tips for how to manage stress.

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