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Patricia Jurek, RD, MBA

Patricia Jurek, RD, MBA, is the manager for Henry Ford Macomb Hospital’s Center for Weight Management. Passionate about preventative disease management, Pat became a registered dietitian to help people live long, healthy lives. When Pat isn’t busy helping patients at Henry Ford, she's teaching others as an Adjunct Teacher at Baker College while making sure to make time for her family and friends.

cheat days

Are Cheat Days A Good Or Bad Idea

: Many dieters like to allow themselves "cheat days" when they stray from their strict eating plan and indulge. But does this practice help or hurt prog...

woman in a plank

Hit A Weight-Loss Plateau? 8 Ways To Get Over It

: Diet long enough and you’re bound to hit a point where the scale gets stuck. A dietitian and weight management expert offers tips to get over a ...

depressed looking woman

Don’t Let Negative Self-Talk Sabotage Your Health Goals

: Negative self-talk can hold you back from reaching health or weight-loss goals. 5 tips to quiet that critical voice in your head and stay on track.

sleeping with your iphone

Could Sleep Habits Hinder Your Weight Loss Goals?

: You're probably familiar with all the benefits of getting a good night's rest. But did you know sleep can help you reach your weight loss goals? Learn...

shutterstock 226567432 1140x570

Overcoming Modern-World Barriers To Weight Loss

: These days, there are plenty of barriers in our everyday lives that make eating right a challenge. How to avoid 4 common pitfalls in your weight-loss ...

pitcher of water

Why You Should Drink More Water (And 5 Tips On How To Do It!)

: 40% of Americans drink less than half the water recommended daily but our bodies really need enough H20 for optimal health. Here are tips to stay hydr...

woman eating popcorn

Portion Distortion: Why It’s A Big(ger) Deal

: Serving size has skyrocketed over the years, making eating healthy more difficult than ever. Learn what's causing the problem, and ways to portion con...

woman cheering

At Your Goal Weight? Great! Now What?

: People who succeed at losing weight and keeping it off shift their eating and exercise habits forever. Here are 9 tips to stay at your goal weight for...

intermittent fasting

Fasting: The Truth Behind The Latest Health Craze

: If you are thinking about trying intermittent fasting -- a recent weight-loss fad -- ask yourself these 5 questions before you get started.

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