coconut oil

The Truth About Coconut Oil

: Coconut oil has been touted as a “good fat” recently. However, a new report from the American Heart Association debunks this myth. A cardiologist expl...

skipping breakfast

Skipping Breakfast? The Truth About The "Most Important Meal Of The Day"

: With intermittent fasting gaining ground in health and fitness circles, you may be wondering whether breakfast is really all it's cracked up to be.

bad for you health foods

10 Foods That Seem Healthy But Aren't

: Buzzwords like "all-natural" or "gluten-free" may make a food sound healthy. But upon closer reading of nutrition labels, many of these foods don't li...

mindful eating healthy food

Mindful Eating Vs. Dieting

: A Henry Ford dietitian explains the difference between mindful eating and dieting and helps you learn to enjoy your meals.

bags of candy corn

How To Recover From A Sugar Binge

: Steering clear of sugar this time of year is an ambitious goal. Between pumpkin patch visits, Halloween parties and trick-or-treating (and the holiday...

Low FODMAP diet

Help For IBS Sufferers: What Is A Low FODMAP Diet?

: No one likes not feeling well. If you’re living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), then you probably are no stranger to feeling off your game ...

avocados and nuts

The Truth About Lectins And Trendy Lectin-Free Diets

: Every so often, someone in the nutrition world (or on the periphery) raises a red flag about a seemingly harmless component in the food supply. Most o...

Nutritional yeast

An Unlikely Trend: Why Nutritional Yeast Is So Popular

: A Henry Ford registered dietitian explains the hype about nutritional yeast and responds to frequently asked questions about this versatile ingredient...

overweight and malnourished

Can You Be Overweight And Malnourished?

: Having a particular body size doesn't necessarily mean you are malnourished. Nor does it mean you're eating right. 5 ways your diet may be not giving ...

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