How To Self-Isolate If You Are Sick At Home With COVID-19

: If you suspect you have COVID-19--and it's not an emergency--it's important to stay at home to recuperate. Here, a doctor explains how to self-isolate...


Why Does It Take So Long To Create A Vaccine?

: Scientists are scrambling to develop an effective COVID-19 vaccine--the best way to put an end to this pandemic. An infectious disease specialist expl...


What You Need To Know About New Face Mask Guidelines

: To reduce COVID-19 transmission, the CDC recommends that everyone wear face masks in public. Here, a doctor explains what to do and what not to do whe...


What To Say To Someone Who Is Grieving

: Whether someone is suffering from the death of a family member, pet or even the temporary loss of a job because of COVID-19, finding the right words t...


What Does COVID-19 Do To Your Body?

: You probably know the novel coronavirus is contagious and makes you sick, but you might not actually know how it does that. We turned to the experts t...


8 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance While Working At Home

: Working from home can be stressful--especially during a pandemic. A therapist shares tips to maintaining your mental and physical well-being during th...


6 Recovery Tips for Staying Sober During COVID-19

: Choosing sobriety is a daily decision and a change in your routine can put you at greater risk for relapse. If you find yourself with thoughts of drin...


Easing Your Fear: Adjusting Pregnancy Care During COVID-19

: With the COVID-19 outbreak, many moms are nervous about going to doctor’s appointments. An OBGYN explains how women’s health providers are...


Packages, Groceries, Takeout & More: Precautions To Take Amid COVID-19

: Wondering whether it's safe to grocery shop, open your mail, or get takeout food? A family medicine doctor shares how to protect yourself from potenti...

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