emergency travel kits

10 Essentials To Keep In Your Emergency Travel Kit

: Before you head out on the open road, make sure your car is equipped with these 10 emergency items.

woman with hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation 101: Causes, Treatments And Prevention

: If you notice dark spots on your skin--especially during the summer months--you're not alone. Here's what causes it and how you can treat it. 

young kid in the woods

Heading Outdoors? Watch Out For Ticks

: This summer, follow these tips to protect yourself from ticks when you head outdoors, and learn what to do if you find a tick or suspect a tick bite.


How To Manage Breakthrough Bleeding During Your Menstrual Cycle

: Breakthrough bleeding between periods (also known as spotting) is common; here are 8 possible triggers.

man sitting at computer

Researchers Find Bacteria In Urine Linked To Prostate Cancer

: Can a urinary bacterial infection cause prostate cancer--or vice versa? Learn what this newly discovered link between bacteria and prostate cancer cou...

migraine aura

How To Spot Migraine Symptoms Early So You Can Take Action Sooner

: Learn how to recognize early symptoms of migraines when treatment can be most effective. Find out about as-needed and preventive migraine treatments.

couple cooking dinner

For Cancer Survivors, Diet And Exercise May Lower Risk Of Recurrence

: A healthy lifestyle may reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Read the American Cancer Society's updated recommendations for cancer survivors and how ...

stroke and race

How Race And Socioeconomic Status Relate To Your Risk Of Stroke

: Many health conditions impact certain communities more than others. Stroke is one condition in which race and socioeconomic status can play a major ro...

sleep reactivity

Is Sleep Reactivity The Reason Why You Struggle To Sleep Better?

: Learn strategies to eliminate disruptions that can affect your sleep and overall health.

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