transgender women taking photo

Considering Gender-Affirming Surgery? Here’s What To Know

: Gender-affirming surgery can be one step along your journey of transitioning to help you feel your best. Here, two experts answer questions people ask...

diabetes concept photo

COVID-19 Infection May Increase Risk Of Developing Diabetes

: COVID-19 can affect the body in a variety of ways--and the latest research is showing that it could contribute to a diabetes diagnosis. Learn more.&nb...

grandfather and grandson flying kite

How To Sustain Hope During Your Cancer Journey

: Going through cancer isn't easy, but fostering hope can be a powerful influence. A doctor shares what he's learned from patients who have had cancer.

coronary artery bypass

Is Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Your Next Step Towards A Healthier Heart?

: Learn about coronary artery bypass surgery and what to expect during your hospital stay and recovery.

stroke and age

Too Young For A Stroke? How Age Relates To Your Stroke Risk

: Whether you are young or old, an untreated stroke can be fatal. There are many factors that contribute to your risk for a stroke, regardless of your a...

patient talking to doctor

What To Know About Treatments For Bladder Cancer

: From chemotherapy to reconstructive bladder surgery, learn about treatment options for different stages of bladder cancer.

music for mood

How To Use Music To Boost Your Mood

: Music impacts the way you think, move and breathe. Learn how you can shift your mood in minutes with music.

man sick at home

Should I Take Paxlovid If I Get COVID-19? What To Know About Antiviral Treatments For COVID-19

: Taken within five days of experiencing symptoms, Paxlovid can reduce the severity of COVID-19 by 89%. Learn who should take it--along with facts about...

woman getting vaccinated

Your Guide To COVID-19 Boosters: Who Needs Them, When—And Why

: Boosters are essential to protecting ourselves and others, but it can be confusing to know when you need one. We've laid out an easy guide to help you...

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