man with eye floaters

Eye Floaters: What Are They and Should You Be Concerned?

: Eye floaters are small spots that float across your vision and seeing more of them is a normal part of aging. Usually they're harmless but here's when...

breast cancer

8 Breast Cancer Myths, Solved

: Breast cancer surgeon Dr. Jessica Bensenhaver shares common breast cancer myths she hears - some of which can be dangerous - and offers a reality chec...

mens health awkward questions

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Awkward Men’s Health Issues

: A Henry Ford physician explains how to break the ice with your doctor when you need to talk about sensitive men’s health issues.


Reiki: Your Questions Answered

: A Henry Ford expert answers frequently asked questions about an age-old therapy called reiki.

medicine cabinet

Empty That Medicine Cabinet: Safe Medication Storage Tips

: A Henry Ford pharmacist offers tips for safe medication storage, plus advice on when and how to dispose of those that have expired.


Can a Coronary Calcium Scan Save Your Life?

: In just 15 minutes, a coronary calcium scan can give you a picture of the calcium plaque buildup in your heart. It can inspire lifestyle changes or tr...

ginger for nausea

7 Remedies for Taming Nausea

: A Henry Ford oncology nurse, with lots of experience helping patients with nausea, explains what causes nausea and gives tips on remedies to quiet a q...

man using sunscreen

How Much Sunscreen Is Enough?

: Applying sunscreen but still getting burned? Most people don't use enough. From what SPF you need to how to apply it, learn practical tips for better ...

woman looking in the mirror

What Are Keloids?

: Keloids are benign tumors of the skin that appear as painful and itchy scars. They occur when you have an injury to the skin such as a cut or a burn a...

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