angry woman sitting with man

Mending Fences After A High-Tension Election

: Now that the election is over, it’s time to rebuild relationships affected by one of the most tense elections in modern history. How to move for...

empty playground swing

Bullying Awareness: 5 Ways To Prepare Your Kids

: Bullying is never acceptable. Whether your child is a victim, aggressor or an innocent bystander, here are 5 steps you can take to stop hurtful behavi...

woman in the gym

Coping With A Diabetes Diagnosis

: A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of injections or that you can never eat cake again. Here are 6 tips on how to thrive with d...

group toasting with wine

6 Ways To Maintain Your Weight This Holiday Season

: Studies show that the weeks before Thanksgiving are the lightest you’ll weigh all year. Here's how to avoid the pitfalls of holiday weight gain ...

doctor giving woman birth control pills

Is Your Birth Control Making You Depressed?

: A recent study revealed a correlation between depression and different types of birth control. Advice from an OB/GYN on what that may mean for you.

young girl in the backyard

Drug Use & Teens: 5 Crucial Things Every Parent Can Do

: The world of recreational drug use is continually changing. 5 tips for parents to stay informed and communicate with their teens and tweens about drug...

young girl dressed for halloween

7 Tips For A Healthy Halloween

: No need to fear this candy-filled holiday, especially if your family has a healthy lifestyle most of the year. Here, 7 tips for a fun but healthy Hall...

concerned looking couple

Beyond ED: Understanding 6 Sexual Problems For Men

: Erectile dysfunction (ED) gets a lot of attention but there are other sexual problems men face. Here are 6 common ones — and what you can do abo...

woman doing yoga

Breast Cancer And The Benefits Of Yoga

: For women undergoing breast cancer treatment, yoga and other low-impact exercises have proven benefits for reducing stress and aiding recovery.

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